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A Centralized View

For All Your Marketing Efforts

See your entire marketing schedule at a glance.

Create a unified workflow for every project inside a collaborative, cross-functional calendar for social, content, email, events, and more.

The CoSchedule Marketing Calendar

Tailor the calendar based on how your team stays organized.

Welcome to your Type-A, organizational powerhouse. Your team is unique… and that means the way you organize your stuff is unique, too. Create your perfect organizational formula for finding projects fast and getting sh*t done YOUR way.

Color Labels
Color Labels

Personalize your calendar with custom color labels.

Create custom color labels, so you can categorize, prioritize, and emphasize the projects you (and your team) care about with the colors you care about.


Simplify your search process and find content faster.

No more wasting time combing through your calendar. Just search for a specific tag to quickly find the content you need, no matter where it's located.

Save Filtered Views
Saved Views

Eliminate The Tedious Process of Filtering Your Calendar

Create custom calendar views with color labels, tags, team members, project types, campaigns, and more… so your can quickly find and get immediate access to what matters most to you.

Organize Your Entire Marketing Strategy

See Your Entire Marketing Roadmap In One Place

Drag & Drop Scheduling

Easily schedule & reschedule campaigns (in seconds).

With CoSchedule's drag and drop functionality, making quick changes to entire promotional campaigns is easier than ever! Simply drag and drag your content to a new day and anything associated with it will automatically sync to its new time.

Easily schedule and reschedule content or messages on your calendar with our drag and drop feature.
Read Only Views

Keep higher-ups "in the know" sans static screenshots (or other weird workarounds).

With Read-Only Views, you can create custom views of your calendar that are interactive, update in real-time, AND give your team the details they need (nothing more, nothing less).

Easily share custom, interactive views of your calendar with stakeholders.

Let's get you organized, shall we?