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What’s the first place people think when they hear “technology hotbed?” It’s probably not Fargo, ND. That’s okay, though. We’re used to doing our own thing here. But, you might be surprised to know the area has a rich technology history. In fact, Microsoft’s second-largest campus is right here in Fargo. Really? Ya. You betcha. As a homegrown North Dakota startup, we’re proud to add to the industry’s legacy in our state. And with the grand opening of our new 14,000 square foot office space, we plan on sticking around in the city for a long time to come. So, what makes this such a special place for us? Let’s take a tour of the office and get answers to that question straight from our team.

We just opened our new awesome office space in Fargo! Take a look inside and see why the @CoSchedule team loves North Dakota:

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Eric: This is a true story. The events depicted in this film took place in North Dakota in 2017. At the request of the survivors, their names haven't been changed. Out of respect for our customers, the rest is told just as it occurred. Fire up your wood chippers, it's over to CoSchedule, Fargo edition! Oh, you betcha baby. It's over here to CoSchedule, the show where we talk about the things we talk about at CoSchedule. I am so excited. We are downtown Fargo. We have our grand opening of our new office and I cannot wait to check it out. Come with me. Garrett man, today is the big day. This is exciting. Garrett: Welcome to Fargo. Eric: Thank you. Pretty pumped. Ribbon cutting, grand opening for our Fargo office. Everyone knows we're HQ'd in Bismarck now, but what they don't know is we're opening this 14 thousand square foot office, 40 people here in Fargo. Pretty much seems like we're doubling down on North Dakota. What's your thought there? Garrett: Yeah, absolutely. Well, Fargo is a natural great fit for us. Great college town. Four major universities in the area. A great technology legacy. A lot of people probably don't know, the second largest Microsoft campus is right here in Fargo. Excited to be here. Eric: Very cool. Can't wait to cut that ribbon. Ah, crikey. It looks like I've caught some Fargoians in their natural habitat partaking in some type of meal sharing tradition. What's going on here Leah? Leah: Yeah. It's called a potluck. You make something at home, everybody brings a dish, and you might get lucky with what you've chosen and you might get unlucky. Eric: Oh yeah, it's a North Dakota favorite. Leah: Oh, yeah. Eric: I love the potluck. Leah, you're from Sweden. You worked over there for a couple of years. Now, you're back in downtown Fargo. I can literally see your apartment out the window here. What's that transition been like for you? Leah: It's been great. I'm from an hour north of Fargo, so it's awesome to be home and interestingly enough, I was actually a CoSchedule user when I lived in Sweden. Eric: What? Leah: I know! When I moved back to Fargo, I didn't know that it was a North Dakota company. I moved back and I was like, "I need to find a job there." Here I am. Eric: I love it. What do you love most about the Midwest? Leah: People are friendly. They go out of their way to help you with things. It's just an awesome place to be. Eric: Say something to me in Sweden. Leah: [foreign language 02:06]. Eric: What she said. I'm out of here. Later. Kurtis my man, we're showing off the new digs at CoSchedule here in Fargo. The question we always get is, "How in the world are we going to fill this place with solid talent?" As the Head of HR and Recruitment, I'm hoping you got an answer for me. Kurtis: Yeah. First off, don't believe the hype. We know that North Dakota, Fargo-Moorhead, Bismarck, have talented people who are driven and smart and want to do a great job and they're there. They want to work for fast-paced organizations that are really doing different things in the industry and driving it. Eric: Giddy-up. Thanks friend. Oh, make no mistake about it. We are absolutely living north of normal around these neck of the woods, but we're so excited to be growing with you on our mission to organize the world one marketing calendar at a time. All right, let's do this. Oh, thank you. Three, two, one! Ah! CoSchedule! CoSchedule! CoSchedule! Subscribe on YouTube
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