Finally, there is an all-in-one editorial calendar for WordPress that combines social media and your blog posts. Say hello to CoSchedule.

The best thing about CoSchedule is that as you drag a post from one date to another, your social media messages move with it. This allows bloggers to create a series of messages that promote their blog posts on a rolling schedule.

Here are some of its top features:

1) Social Media While You Blog

One of the most amazing features of CoSchedule is that you can create your social media messages while you blog. Social messages are customized for all of your networks, and then sent in the future once your blog post goes live. This is a huge way to bring consistent traffic to your blog.

Social media while you blog, editorial calendar for wordpress

2) A Visual Way To Plan Your Content

So many bloggers have told me that they just want to “see everything in one place.” CoSchedule makes this easy, by placing your blog posts and your social media messages on a unified drag-and-drop calendar. Now, you can finally visualize your blog for the first time.

drag and drop editorial calendar - social media editorial calendar for wordpress

3) Keep Your Team In The Loop

The job of an editor has often been compared to herding cats. We’re ending that. CoSchedule allows you to assign tasks to your team and keep them on track. It also facilitates conversation and sends reminder notifications when necessary. Imagine what would happen if your team finally had a usable workflow.

collaborate with your team - social media editorial calendar for wordpress

4) The All-In-One Publishing Solution

CoSchedule is all about putting your most valuable tools in one place. We integrated with the most important social networks, including Buffer and Google+, and put them into WordPress, the world’s most popular publishing platform. Now, all of your tools are in one place for the first time.

integrated with WordPress - social media editorial calendar for wordpress

5) Save Time, Gain More Traffic

You can save a ton of time with CoSchedule. Most of our users tell us that they blog more, schedule more social media messages, and get more traffic. The bottom line is that CoSchedule makes you a better blogger.

Save time and grow traffic by scheduling blog posts and social media on a unified drag and drop editorial calendar for WordPress.