Getting Started With Digital Asset Management for Marketers

Think of all the time your marketing team wastes trying to track down a logo, file, or photo.  Designers have graphics saved on their desktops, logos are scattered all over Dropbox and Google Drive, and naming conventions are chaotic. It’s time for a solution. The CoSchedule Digital Asset Organizer fits seamlessly into your marketing tool stack, and it lets you organize everything from working files to final projects in one centralized library.

Table of Contents

What is this guide? This lesson dives into what Digital Asset Management (DAM) is and how it’s important to marketing teams. Who’s this guide for? Marketing leads interested in learning more about DAM solutions. What you’ll learn:
  • What Digital Asset Management is.
  • Why is Digital Asset Management important? 
  • Checklist to determine if a Digital Asset Management solution is right for you!


Before we talk about Digital Asset Management, let’s talk about what it is. definition for digital asset management In a nutshell, a DAM solution is a central hub to store and share all the things your marketing team creates. When your file storage is a mess, your team gets frustrated, time gets wasted, and you never realize the ROI of all the assets you create because no one can find them. Digital Asset Management helps your team become more efficient, and it helps save time by not having to dig through files.

Why is Digital Asset Management Important?

Digital Asset Management lets your team create, share, and distribute assets seamlessly with each other. It also helps you organize everything in one centralized location. Here’s why finding a DAM solution is more important than ever...

Marketers Are Time-strapped

Marketers are being asked to create more assets than ever. Expectations are rising, but you’re not getting additional resources to meet these heightened goals. That being said, marketers have two options:
  1. Reprioritize your work to waste less time on non-productive things.
  2. Stay late and work extra hours.
Digital Asset Management makes sure you fall into that first category. How? When your team spends less time tracking down files, they spend more time producing content that contributes to the bottom line and helps you reach your goals. quote from Colin Redic about marketing management

Shorten Production Cycles

An increase in content production means your team has less time to spend creating each asset. DAM solutions streamline the process of assets by giving team members a way to store, share, and organize assets all in one place. This allows your team to quickly find assets, so they spend more time creating great content. With Digital Asset Management, your team follows a clear process so they can get more content produced in less time.

Focused On Generating ROI

A DAM solution allows your team to streamline the process of assets quickly. All of this extra time allows your team to spend more time creating content, and in turn, generate more ROI.

Digital Asset Management Checklist

Here’s a list of common DAM functionalities that will help your team achieve time-saving benefits and increase ROI on all the assets they produce. visual of common digital asset management functionalities If you’re a visual learner who would rather learn this in a how-to video, see below.?
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Carter is a marketing specialist at DRN ReadiTech where he coordinates various integrated marketing communications and activities. Carter was previously a customer marketing specialist at CoSchedule. He is specially skilled in Digital Marketing, Google Analytics & Adwords, Printed Media, and Graphic Design.