How CoSchedule Says Thank You | #OverheardatCoSchedule

How CoSchedule Says Thank You 2017 was a big year for CoSchedule. We rolled out tons of new features. Our team has grown exponentially. And we even opened a brand-new office for our Fargo-based crew. But, there’s one important group of folks that really made it all possible. Our customers! Without our loyal users and fans, we wouldn’t get to come here to work every day. That’d be a sad state of affairs, indeed. Fortunately, our customers are awesome and are in this thing with us for the long haul. In fact, while we may be biased, we’d say our customers are the best customers. We don’t just want to say it, though. We want to show our customers how much you’re appreciated. That’s exactly why we shoot a new “Welcome” video every year. It’s a chance for us to cut loose, get creative, and have some fun to introduce new customers to CoSchedule. So, why exactly do we put so much effort into one crazy clip? And what’s the method behind the madness? That’s what we’re talking about today on #OverheardAtCoSchedule.

How CoSchedule Says Thank You | #OverheardatCoSchedule

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Eric:  Thanks for tuning in to another episode of Overheard at CoSchedule. This is a special episode of Overheard, as it's lights, camera, action as we go behind the scenes of our favorite day here at CoSchedule, filming the thank you video for our customers. Let's go. Justin, Justin, Justin, I got you here. Justin: You gotta slow down on that thing, all right? Although, slow, you are dangerous behind the wheel. Eric: Very true. I'm laughing cause we're kind of having a blast doing this thank you video. And this is my first but I know it's been a tradition. Why has this become an important part of CoSchedule culture and a way for us to give appreciation to our customers? Justin: I think that's it. Right, Eric, it's appreciation. It's also a lot about our culture and really just opening the box up about what CoSchedule's about, where our heart is. And we like to have fun, we like to help our customers. So, I think we take this thank you video and we try to combine those two things. We like to have fun, and we like to help our customers. Eric: I feel like we've gone over the top more and more each time with it. And I think that's gotta be a great first experience for our customers and I love doing it. So, what's your favorite part about doing this video? Justin: Right. So, I think my favorite part has probably been that people kind of make it their own. They might dress up or bring props, or even hide little Easter eggs in the videos, where they'll just ... Seth, on our team has hidden the Rebecca Black video, Friday, in there … Eric: Friday, Friday - Justin: Yeah, keep going. Yeah, that's it. And I think that's it. It's just about showcasing our heart here at CoSchedule and having a lot of fun doing it. Eric: Chris, master of all things customer success. We're being goofy today, right. We're having fun saying thank you. But I know I want to get real just for a second. I know we do more than just say thank you. How do we make sure our customers are set up for success? Chris: Absolutely. So, within the first 30 days we've got a string of different conversations we set up with them. We really customize CoSchedule for them. They've got a plethora of different resources, how to documentation and training information. And then really setting up different milestones on what makes the most sense to them. What are their different goals and objectives? And how do we help them knock those things out of the park within the first 90 days? Within the first 30 days we've got a string of different conversations we set up. Eric: When someone becomes a CoSchedule customer, we show just a small token of our appreciation by saying thank you in our special CoSchedule way. It's about as goofy as it gets around here with wizards and light sabers and hockey sticks, anything we can to be strange. And it's been really exciting though, to grow with our customers. When we shot this last summer, we had about 25 people. Today, there are nearly 65, ready to show their gratitude. Gracias, merci, danke schoen, there's a hundred different ways you can say it. But at CoSchedule, this is how we say "Thank you". Catch New Episodes On YouTube
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