The Best Of Both Worlds: Introducing HubSpot for CoSchedule

Remember why you purchased HubSpot? How excited you were to have an “all-in-one marketing tool”? finally get your sh*t organized (and move projects forward)? Only to find while you can do a lot in HubSpot… Planning out your marketing schedule… Collaborating on projects... AND keeping some semblance of sanity over what’s going on today, tomorrow, and next month… ...isn’t exactly their forte. Only to be left managing timelines, collaboration, tasks, and outbound tactics in spreadsheets, Teamwork, Basecamp, Airtable, email, and other misc. tools. If only there was a better way. ? Enter the perfect solution: CoSchedule’s *NEW* HubSpot Integration. With the new integration, you’ll be able to:
  • Visualize your ENTIRE marketing strategy in one dynamic calendar. Marketing is more than just inbound. Add every active marketing project and campaign in CoSchedule, so you can make sure your team's priorities are focused on reaching company goals.
  • Improve productivity + streamline your marketing process. Give your team access to everything they need to get work done. Including task lists, project timelines, files, and even direct access to HubSpot emails and landing pages.
  • Keep conversation relevant + connected to every project. Collaborate on projects in real-time. Share feedback, status updates, and more in discussions so your team stays on the same page.
  • Upgrade your social strategy with better publishing tools. CoSchedule's social scheduling allows you to promote your top landing pages and blogs in seconds and build out entire campaigns in just a few clicks.
It’s the best of both worlds! Unite the Hubspot features you love with the project management tools + marketing calendar you’ve always dreamed of. ?

The Best Of Both Worlds: Introducing @HubSpot for @CoSchedule

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Visualize your ENTIRE marketing strategy in one dynamic calendar.

Marketing is more than just your inbound strategies. With CoSchedule, you can map out all of your marketing projects and campaigns - including projects from HubSpot - so you can visualize your ENTIRE marketing strategy in one calendar. The calendar gives you visibility into how your content + campaigns interact and overlap. So when you’ve got one too many email drafts on the calendar for next week, you can drag and drop it to another date before it’s scheduled to create a more strategic messaging cadence without missing a beat. ? This flexibility plus visibility lets your team stay super agile. Making it a breeze to adapt when new projects come in, fire drills happen, priorities change, and marketing goals evolve.

Improve productivity + streamline your marketing process.

Without the right processes in place, your team can basically say goodbye to productivity. But when HubSpot and CoSchedule work together - your team works faster and eliminates unnecessary roadblocks. Assign tasks for every project on your team’s roadmap. You can even add required approvals to make sure projects get completed AND reviewed before they go live. Quickly visualize if projects are on track using the progress bar. This gives you an active pulse on how your team’s trending towards meeting their deadlines. Use project attachments to upload files, Google docs, and other resources your team needs to get their projects done. You can stop digging through emails, Dropbox, or file folders to find the latest drafts and templates. Now you can access it all right inside the project. And by implementing the HubSpot integration inside CoSchedule, your team will have direct access to your HubSpot landing pages, emails, and blogs in just one click. By streamlining your marketing process, you can get more done in less time! Cos’ when time = money $$$... that’s a win-win for everyone.

Keep conversation relevant + connected to every project.

86% of employees and executives cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures. Yet your team still shares project updates and feedback via emails, IMs, Google Docs, and quick on-the-fly conversations. Leaving collaboration and conversation siloed in different places (and not accessible to everyone who may need to know the latest info). The solution? Discussions in CoSchedule. Discussions help your team share feedback, status updates, and notes on projects in real-time. PLUS - anyone can jump into a project and see exactly where they left off. Which means if someone is on vacation, out sick, or projects need to get reassigned, another team member can easily pick it up and get it done.

Upgrade your social strategy with better publishing tools.

Sure, HubSpot has social publishing… But switching to CoSchedule for social can give your strategy a major upgrade. Manually entering social messages….one at a time... to promote your upcoming blog post… It’s mind-numbing. Especially when they follow the same cadence every time. With CoSchedule, you can build out robust, predefined social promotion plans for your landing pages and blogs. Then apply them to any new post in just a few clicks using social templates. Best of all, you can draft the content for your messages that fast, too! Use social helpers to autofill your posts in your campaign with default or custom content. Filling your social queue has never been easier! It’s obvious CoSchedule’s HubSpot integration can transform how your team works. You’ll improve efficiency + productivity… ...gain full visibility over your entire strategy… ...get projects done faster with fewer roadblocks… And eliminate unnecessary project management + collaboration tools from your marketing stack. What are you waiting for?

The Best Of Both Worlds: Introducing @HubSpot for @CoSchedule

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About the Author

Whitney Deterding has 10+ years of experience in marketing with a focus on developing digital marketing strategies, managing marketing projects, and researching best practices for result-driven marketing. At CoSchedule, Whitney strategizes growth opportunities, develop's product positioning, and creates new research-based processes for the marketing team. Whitney also works on building cohesive branding across all internal departments. Whitney focuses on delivering value to the customers, growing the brand's identity, and increasing customer retention rates. She’s passionate about diving into data and developing new practices to grow the company. One of her main responsibilities is developing strategies for landing pages, emails, social posts, advertisements, promotions, product announcements, newsletters, website content, and everything else in between. Throughout this, she ensures that the company's messaging and positioning are aligned with customer needs.