Introducing: Kanban Project Management from CoSchedule

Kanban Project Management from CoSchedule What you do on a daily basis is so much more dynamic than creating a few pretty ads and publishing a couple campaigns. You are a rare breed… ...not only required to have insane marketing chops, but also a knack for team coordination, strategy planning, and project management. Only problem: There really isn’t a holistic marketing tool out there designed to plan, manage, collaborate, and execute on everything you do in a day. It’s either…
  1. Big enterprisey marketing solutions + a generic project management tool on the side
  2. OR dozens of single-function tools hooked together with wonky IFTTT or Zapier plugs

Introducing the Kanban Project Management Dashboard from CoSchedule!

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It’s a nightmare. And you end up spending more of your life on the minutia and less on generating results. Until today that is ;) ……. ? …….? ……..?  ……..? …….. ? Introducing CoSchedule’s newest addition to the “marketer + accidental project manager” product line: the Kanban Project Dashboard!
Give it a try! Schedule a demo today. With the Kanban Project Dashboard, you can finally...

Get a pulse on every project.

With CoSchedule’s Kanban Project Dashboard, you instantly know where a project stands and what needs to get done. Apply custom statuses to your Kanban workflow and always know where any project is based on your team's unique workflow. Kanban task view in CoSchedule

Pinpoint bottlenecks in your workflow.

Noticing a trend of projects piling up in the “pending review” phase? Utilize your Kanban view to optimize workflows and unblock blockers before projects get out off track.

And holistically manage projects from (start to finish).

Keep projects moving forward without getting stuck in the weeds. Focus on the crucial steps and let your team take care of the day to day minutia. Let’s end the plague of spreadsheets, single-function tools, and clunky enterprise tools, shall we? Schedule a demo today.

Looking ahead to the future.

This NEW addition to the CoSchedule platform is only ONE of MANY upgrades coming in 2019. As marketers, we understand the struggle to balance those insane marketing initiatives, on top of team coordination, strategy planning, and project management. Which is why CoSchedule is on a mission to change that. What to expect from CoSchedule 2019:
  1. Global visibility across all your marketing efforts: Plan not only your project roadmap for an entire month or - gasp - even a quarter?! But get that crucial 10,000 foot view + granular day-to-day views in one tool.
  2. Assurance your team is working on the right stuff (at any moment) i.e get quick status updates, and do your nerdy resource planning (i.e. delegate, assign, or reassign tasks to specific team members).
  3. The power to not only manage & collaborate on every project, but also publish without spreadsheets, email threads, or random Slack convos.
  4. The ability to promote to (and monitor) all your social networks in one place.
  5. And most importantly...proof that you and your team are powerhouse marketers. No more questioning if the marketing team does anything!! Pull the report and drive home the reality that your team gets it done with clean metrics and visibility across all your projects.
Excited? Cool. Stay tuned. And as always, if you have feedback or thoughts on this new project management tool (or the future of CoSchedule), we’d love to hear them:
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