4 New (Mind Blowing) Features Launching This Year + 3 You Should Already Be Using!

prodblog_kathryn_4newfeatures-header Boy that was a mouthful ;) ...but can you blame me? You’ve got seven teams working on literally dozens of your MOST requested features! And CoSchedule's marketing team is feelin’ a bit like... lucille-ball ...in a good way. Keep reading for a sneak peek into four NEW features you're gonna LOVE (plus, three features you should already be using).

4 New (Mind Blowing) CoSchedule Features Launching This Year + 3 You Should Already Be Using!

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What's Comin' Off The Conveyor Belt (REALLY Soon)?

Re-Promote Your BEST Content With ReQueue!

We’ve all got a bit of a love/hate relationship with our social media strategy. It’s tedious, it’s exhausting, and yet, we all know it’s pret-ty important. And it’s important because:
  • Better, more compelling messages get more clicks.
  • AND the MORE you share, the better the results.
The only problem... It takes TIME. And that's one commodity you really don’t have MUCH of... Which is why we’re creating ReQueue. prodblog_kathryn_4newfeatures-requeue With ReQueue, you’ll be able to:
  • Set it and forget it. No more getting stuck in the weeds of social! Create your messages, add them to a ReQueue category, and let CoSchedule intelligently send them out at the best possible traffic times for each network.
  • Fill in the gaps and stay consistent. ReQueue will fill in the gaps of your daily schedule—keeping your schedule consistent and filled with variety. You’ll never worry about an empty social queue again!
  • Get more mileage out of your messages. The average lifespan of a single social message is mere minutes, so why only share it once? Add your best messages to the ReQueue and let CoSchedule re-share your best content at the most optimal frequency.
  • Easily re-promote your evergreen content! Use the ReQueue to re-promote your evergreen content. Create custom categories, build a schedule, and consistently re-share your evergreen content to drive MORE traffic and engagement to your site.
It's like having a social media intern 24/7 for basically NO cost...sorry interns!

Bring Your Social Stats To Life With Powerful Analytics!

Coming soon to an analytics dashboard near you: Your first (of several) reports...social engagement reporting! prodblog_kathryn_4newfeatures-stats Get a clear overview (with easy to understand visuals) on ALL your social engagement. No more jumping from one platform to the next to gather stats, adding meaningless numbers to a complex spreadsheet, and then struggling to prove their worth to yourself or your boss. With Social Analytics by CoSchedule, you’ll FINALLY be able to track, measure, and most importantly PROVE the ROI of your social marketing efforts from one robust report! What’ll be included?
  • Visual stats on total engagement, clicks, retweets, shares, AND comments
  • Filters based on social network, content type, and/or date for an even bigger breakdown
  • And (icing on the cake) easily exportable/shareable reports via PDF, CSV, or email
We always knew you were a BOSS at social media, and now you’ll have the report to prove it. :)

Your Calendar Is Getting A NEW And Improved Look!

Over the next few months, your calendar will be getting a brand NEW look. Phase 1 is simplifying your content editor with a cleaner, more minimalist design. prodblog_kathryn_4newfeatures-interface You’ll be getting lots more space with a full screen experience, AND best of all, you’ll only see aspects of the content editor that you care about. For example... Love the Headline Analyzer Studio? Great, let’s turn it on. Don’t need a social campaign for a specific project? Cool, we’ll minimize that for you. :) Need to review a task? No worries! Easily navigate to your sliding sidebar for tasks, comments, and documents; it’s there when you need it—and hidden when you don’t. Less clutter and more of what you want.

THE BIG ONE: Instagram Scheduling Is Coming to CoSchedule!

In the very near future, Instagram will be a part of your social scheduling repertoire! prodblog_kathryn_4newfeatures-insta How will Instagram for CoSchedule work?
  1. Schedule all your Instagram posts (directly from the calendar). Write your messages, upload your “Insta-worthy” images, and schedule your posts directly in the calendar!
  2. Download the CoSchedule for Instagram app from the App Store.
  3. Get notifications (on your phone) when it’s time to post to Instagram.
  4. Then (with a single click) transfer your copy + images directly to your Instagram feed!
It’s that simple!

Now, What’s Off The Assembly Line And Ready For You TODAY?

Tag ANY Facebook Page Or Twitter Handle Directly In Your Social Message

prodblog_kathryn_4newfeatures-tagging You can now do live searches for Facebook pages and Twitter handles directly in a social message! Tag people without jumping from one social network to the next. Or worse, guessing and finding out you tagged the wrong person (face palm). Simply type @, plus the first few letters of a social profile, and CoSchedule will intelligently pull their profile name directly into your social message.

Schedule, Share, And Manage All Your Social Videos In One Place!

prodblog_kathryn_4newfeatures-video The stats speak for themselves:
  • Social video gets 8 billion views EVERY DAY
  • In less than two years, the number of videos on Facebook has grown by 360%
  • And according to Adobe research report, 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide name social video as the type of content with the best ROI ($$$)
If you haven’t started yet—you should—and CoSchedule makes your promotion super easy. Manage your social video promotion directly in the calendar! No more bouncing from one account to the next—upload your video once and share to all your favorite networks. Preview every video message before it goes live directly from your social campaign. And never worry if a video will display correctly or if it meets a specific social network requirement. CoSchedule has those deets right in the calendar! Stand out in crowded newsfeeds. Upload your show-stopping videos to the social queue, mix in a little Best Time Scheduling, and you’ve got one sick game plan. Now, not only can you add eye-catching videos to combat BUSY news feeds but you’ll be sending them out at the best time possible (double whammy).

Keep All Your Social Promotion Organized In One Spot!


No more tediously scheduling ONE social message at a time. Use Social Campaigns to create dozens of messages—centered around a specific event, piece of content, etc.—all at once. ProdBlog_Kathryn_SocialCampaignLaunch-review And make your collaboration SUPER EASY with Social Campaign's built-in workflows. Keep all your comments, notes, tasks, and docs in your social campaign. Everyone stays in the loop, edits happen faster, and you can keep projects moving forward AND on time.

Never Settle For Good Enough

It’s not just a saying here at CoSchedule—it’s how we operate. Everything we do is focused on growth AND our customers (you)! These seven features are a result of your feedback. Join 6,000+ marketers getting insanely organized on the #1 marketing calendar (and help make CoSchedule the best tool for you!). Get started free

4 New (Mind Blowing) CoSchedule Features Launching This Year + 3 You Should Already Be Using!

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