Introducing ReQueue: The Most Intelligent Way To Automate Social Media

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Introducing ReQueue: The Most Intelligent Way To Automate Your Social Media [Now With More Control + Flexibility]


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Introducing ReQueue: The Most Intelligent Way to Automate Your Social Media

You + social automation have a love/hate relationship.

You love the idea of…

…setting up a social campaign ONCE and letting it run on autopilot…

(while reaping the amazing benefits of a consistent, relevant, and timely social schedule)

BUT…let’s be real.

Your “social automation reality” looks more like:

…working overtime when those “make life easier” auto-schedules drown out more relevant promos.

…chasing down rogue messages that accidentally posted MULTIPLE times (and spammed your audience) because the tool’s UX was glitchy…

…and spending hours manipulating “automatic” sharing frequencies in attempt to stay in control of your social schedule….

The problem: Most social automation tools don’t give you the control, flexibility, OR global visibility you need to make them worth the effort.

They can’t react, recalibrate, or anticipate changes…

They don’t allow for customization…

They don’t take the rest of your planned social schedule into consideration…

And quite frankly…they’re just dumb. đź‘Ž

Which is why we created ReQueue: the only social automation tool with built-in intelligence + added layers of control, flexibility, and visibility over your entire social strategy.

Keep scrollin’ for more details 👇

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You can set it & forget it (with confidence)…

Social automation is supposed to simplify your life (not add work to it).

With ReQueue—the ONLY intelligent social automation tool on the web—you can set your best social messages on autopilot, and know with confidence your messages are sent to the right places (at the right time)…with minimal effort.

Create your social messages (one time)…

Add them to ReQueue (one time)…

And let CoSchedule intelligently send them out at the best possible traffic times for each network (as many times as you want)!

Best of all – you’ve got total control. Just go to your ReQueue settings to make things work your way.

Select the days and times you’d like us to send ReQueue messages. Then add message sending limits – so you can avoid sending the same message too often.

Select which social profiles you’d like to post to (and set unique send limits for each individual account).

And build out custom ReQueue groups to house your evergreen social posts.

Unlike other automation tools, you won’t have to worry about over publishing, spamming your customers, or missing opportunities to connect with them.

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You’ll get more mileage out of your messages

On average, the number of touchpoints you need for people to convert (i.e. click on your social message, interact with it, etc.) is 12 times.

Did you read that? 12 times.

And your audience is overwhelmed with information 24/7 on their social networks.

Sharing your post once and hoping people notice it is….idealistic at best.

ReQueue consistently shares your posts with your audience AND gets you the results you’ve been working your butt off for!

Have a social message that got tons of engagement? Add it to ReQueue right from your calendar.

Set share limits to get the most out of your high-performing posts.

Once your messages hit your send limit, ReQueue will automatically archive it for you.

Want to share it again? You can easily unarchive top performing ReQueue messages (or entire groups) to revitalize your social strategy.

So if you’ve created seasonal groups in ReQueue (for example), now you can bring them back into rotation when it makes sense for your social strategy.

Remember, the average lifespan of a single social messages is mere minutes, so why are you only sharing it once?

Craft those messages, add them to ReQueue, and let CoSchedule re-share them at the most optimal posting frequency OR in your designated time slots.

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And you’ll stay in control with custom sharing schedules

With ReQueue’s *NEW* Placeholder Groups, you can create custom sharing schedules for specific groups of messages by selecting the day, time, and sending frequency that works best for you!

Giving you the control you need (while still enjoying the perks of automating your social strategy).  🙌

Have recurring social campaigns that run during specific times or days?

You know the ones – #MotivationMonday photos, customer testimonials on the first Tuesday of the month, or recurring weekly promotions.

Keep em’ running – without having to think twice. Create a placeholder group filled with messages that fit your campaign theme.

Add placeholders to your calendar, and your messages in this group will autofill on the days and times you set!

Giving you total oversight into when these messages will get filled in on your calendar.

Your ReQueue messages will get added to your calendar (and can be updated and edited when you need to).

Say “so-long” to your social automation struggles…

And “hello” to ReQueue: the only intelligent social automation with the control, flexibility, and visibility that you deserve.

Because it’s time to save time (and energy) on social strategy. Let CoSchedule do the hard work for you.

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