What Makes Headline Studio The Best Tool Since…Headline Analyzer?

  There’s a new headline analyzing tool in town: Headline Studio. It’s here to help you make your headlines better. WAY better. You might be wondering, "HowWhat’s the difference between Headline Analyzer and Headline Studio? Why would I ever consider using anything but the trusty Headline Analyzer I've been using for years?" Don’t fret, headline-writing friends. We have answers.

Why Use a New Tool When Headline Analyzer Already Exists?

Let's be honest. Headline Analyzer is our original headline-analyzing tool, it’s been around a long time, and we have a soft spot for it in our headline-loving hearts. We know you do, too. However, Headline Analyzer was built in 2014, it only analyzes a few different aspects of your headline, and it gives you recommendations based on data that’s changed a LOT in six years. Headline Analyzer score We realized that building a new tool based on Headline Analyzer would help you write better headlines that strongly resonate with people — in 2020 and beyond. Your headlines will rank even higher in current SERPs and get even more clicks and social shares.

In short, Headline Studio is designed to help you get better results.

Headline Studio score Of course, things might look a little different around here, but it’s all in the name of helping you write next-level, data-driven headlines that skyrocket your traffic.  

Applying Everything You've Learned About Great Headlines

Over four million headlines have been analyzed in Headline Analyzer. That means we’ve learned a LOT about what makes for a great headline, and we’re sharing that knowledge with you in Headline Studio, where you’ll be able to:
  • Get 5x more feedback on your headlines with advanced analysis based on four million headlines.
  • Analyze all of your headlines 10x more quickly with Headline Studio’s newer, faster algorithm.
  • Access bigger word banks containing hundreds of power and emotional words for easy writing inspiration.
  • Download the Headline Studio extension to conveniently write and analyze your headlines, side-by-side in your blog.
  • Beat competing headlines in search results with a sneak peek into how your headlines compare to theirs.

Curious about all the new features and feedback you’ll receive in Headline Studio? Here’s a quick comparison:

All of these new capabilities mean Headline Studio will give you a more comprehensive and accurate headline score than Headline Analyzer.  In fact, we challenge you to re-analyze some of your older headlines in Headline Studio and see the difference. You might get some awesome new suggestions to put to use!

Head Over to the Headline Studio

Still not sure about switching over to Headline Studio? We recommend giving it a try to see what you think. You’ve got nothing to lose and a ton of headline-boosting suggestions to gain. You can start using Headline Studio in two ways:  
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