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What's Hot For Marketers in 2018? We’re just a couple months into the new year. For marketers, that means we’re kicking new strategies and tactics into high gear. And for CoSchedule, we’re looking ahead to new features, and ways we can better serve busy marketing teams. Since it’s February, it also means it’s still bitterly cold. Today’s low? -15 (yes, you read that correctly). So, I thought it’d be fun to take a break from the grind, and turn our attention to what’s going to be hot for marketers (and CoSchedule) as the year progresses. To get the answers, I asked some of our team members for their thoughts on everything from how to prioritize tactics all year long, to new features coming soon in our pipeline. There might even be a clown-balloon crossbow (!!!) involved, too. It’s another fun and informative episode of #OverheardAtCoSchedule, and you can watch the whole thing below:

What's Hot For Marketers In 2018? #OverheardAtCoSchedule

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Eric: Ah! Take it all in. Is there anything more refreshing than North Dakota in the winter? The wonders of the outdoors. The ice fishing, the skiing, the sledding with the kiddos. The frostbite. This isn't going to work, guys. I'm freezing. Thanks. I can't feel my toes. Welcome to Overhead at CoSchedule. The show where we talk about the things we talk about at CoSchedule. Anyway, it's February in North Dakota. The talk of the town is the weather. Yes, yes, and how cold it is, but you know what? I don't want to talk about how cold it is. I want to talk about what's hot in 2018. Let's go find out. Nathan, Head of Demand Gen here at CoSchedule. We are off to a rip-roaring start here in 2018, but I'm asking what is the hot thing that marketers should be focusing on this year? Nathan: You know, as marketers, something that happens to us is that we are told to think about virtual reality. There's chat bots. There's geofencing. What do these terms even mean? All these publications are kind of doing a disservice to us because they're hyping up things that we don't actually know if they're going to be around by the end of 2018.t So, what I would suggest for marketers to do is spend 80% of your time scaling and growing what you know already works, 20% of your time finding that new 10x growth project for your business, and if you do that, I think you're going to be successful in 2018. Eric: Ah. Brilliant. Sound advice from a seasoned veteran. Thank you so much, Nathan. Jim, what's going on here, man? Getting a couple reps in after lunch or what? Jim: Yeah, man. It's the 2018 balloon season. I'm getting pumped. Eric: Fair enough. Jim, developer and balloon artist extraordinaire, inquiring minds need to know what is the hot balloon for 2018? Jim: Oh, hey. You want to see it? Eric: Of course. Jim: All right. Here. Hang onto this. Eric: Oh, geez. Jim: And behold, you have a crossbow. Eric: Whoa. Jim, is that thing loaded? Jim: Yeah. Eric: Oh Ashton, you need this more than I do. Here. Let's get those feet all warmed up. Britney, Britney, Britney. Head of Product Operations here at CoSchedule. We are talking what's hot for 2018. And so I want to know what those developers are cooking up for the CoSchedule product this year. Can you give us some of the deets? Britney: So you came here for the secrets. Eric: Oh, yeah, yeah. Give me the deets. Britney: Okay. Well, we have a ton of great things planned for 2018, focusing on bringing a lot of value for our marketers. Some of those features include some powerful integrations, and I can even get specific and let you know about email marketing, which is in the works at the moment. Eric: I've got to ask, what's in the mug? Britney: Some decaf coffee. Eric: That's like an oxymoron, isn't it? Anyway, thank you. And that's what's hot in 2018. Thanks for joining us on our mission to organize the world one calendar at a time. Woo! Snow angels! This is cold. This is more ice than snow actually. Subscribe to #OverheardAtCoSchedule on YouTube
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