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The Old Way

Using Multiple Tools Across Your Disconnected Team + Tirelessly Tracking Down Projects

The Old Way, Multiple Tools And A Disconnected Team

With no clear workflow, your projects lag and fall behind. You tirelessly track down each team member and learn social media, content, design + management are ALL on different pages. By the time you are able to finally ship, you have a disjointed strategy.

The New Way

Manage ALL Your Digital Marketing Tools And Techniques In 1 Place

The New Way, All Your Tools In One Place

With a beautiful calendar layout, you can visually track your upcoming tasks. You plan projects, communicate changes, publish + post in ONE place. Each person is held accountable with due dates and workflows.

How It Works

Step 1

Plan each project weeks… even MONTHS in advance. Assign tasks, due dates, and attach relevant resources.

Step 2

Communicate consistently with each team member within the calendar app. No more details getting lost among endless email threads (!!!).

Step 3

Publish consistently and track your team’s ROI. Then...Impress your boss with up-to-date performance analytics.

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