What is ChatGPT? 

ChatGPT is driven through AI and delivers automated responses to prompts, questions, and topics. This chatbot works to understand and predict fresh content. Although there’s limitations, there’s plenty that ChatGPT can do for you and your company. 

Why is ChatGPT Important? 

ChatGPT has the ability to kick start projects and overcome potential roadblocks. Here are some ways that ChatGPT can help. 

  1. Generate Ideas: Use ChatGPT to enhance brainstorming sessions and ultimately help create better content.
  2. Improve Customer Engagement: ChatGPT produces responses in a conversational manner which helps users feel more comfortable and trusting, while receiving responses immediately. 
  3. Analyze patterns: ChatGPT has the ability to analyze patterns within your work, and recognize inefficiencies or consistencies. However, it doesn’t stop there, once reviewing such patterns ChatGPT can suggest recommendations based on the results. 
  4. Report research: ChatGPT can conduct research on any given topic and report back with sufficient information within seconds, saving time and energy for your company. 

This is the Duolingo App including the Duolingo Max feature.