Implementing gamification can bring favorable result to a company. One notable example of this is McDonald’s annual Monopoly contest, which has raised brand awareness for McDonald’s for years. They make it very easy to take part in their contest as customers only have to buy any item off their menu to collect a game piece.

Below is a digital example that comes from The Sensible Mama, an online shop for everything a mother might want. A window pops up, you enter your email address, spin the wheel, and get your prize. This is a great way for this business to get more consumers to engage with their content. It also helps with their sales.

Some companies also use gamification within their workplace, which can help improve business results by:

  • Increasing use of management tools
  • Boosting employer satisfaction
  • Increasing employee knowledge sharing
  • Promoting retention and results

Businesses know the potential benefits of using gamification in the office as well as with their customers. Not only can it boost conversions, brand awareness, and engagement rates, but it also improves productivity in the workplace. ing