What is Marketing AI? 

Marketing AI is the use of artificial intelligence to grow marketing efforts. Marketing AI brings a lot to the table, including the power to create customized copy, analyze your customer base, and handle automated tasks so you don’t have to. Marketing AI has been making vast strides and continuously changes the game of how marketing teams can be more efficient.


Why is Marketing AI important? 

Including Marketing AI in your marketing strategy has the power to unlock more efficient and groundbreaking ways to improve marketing efforts. 


  1. Reduce Overall Cost:

By delegating automated tasks to AI, you can ensure saved time, cost and effort, while you focus on other tasks. 

2. Enhance Customer Support:

Marketing AI has the power to carefully scrutinize your audience to better understand their decisions and tendencies, resulting in targeting your customer base more effectively. 

3. Achieve Maximum Efficiency: 

Using AI within your marketing will significantly reduce the time spent on projects, leaving spare time, and the ability to accomplish more and faster regarding your marketing strategy. 

4. Predict Trends

Implementing Marketing AI into your marketing strategy gives you the power to look further than current trends. Artificial intelligence can offer specialized suggestions and predictions based on the data. 

Nordstrom, clothing store, harnessed the power of Marketing AI by offering an app that tracks a customer’s shopping  behaviors and offers outfit suggestions based on that data. 


Source: https://press.nordstrom.com/news-releases/news-release-details/beyond-fitting-room-styling-nordstrom