If a business wants to rank higher on a SERP, they can pay for better ad placements within the ad sections. Businesses might use paid campaigns if they have something to do with a topic that’s trending or when they can dominate a keyword. When a person searches for that keyword, the ad for your site would come up and they could click on it.

This kind of advertising is often paid for based on CPC, or cost per click. That means the advertiser pays for the amount of traffic going to their page because of this ad. Depending on how many times an ad is clicked on, this type of campaign can get expensive, fast.

Other kinds of paid traffic campaigns include:

  • Pay Per Acquisition (PPA)
  • Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM)
  • Advertisements on banners of websites

By diversifying how businesses reach customers, they can better reach their target consumers. This often means combining tactics to get paid, referral, and organic traffic.