Writing strong title links is important for SEO purposes because search engines, like Google, use them to understand the topic of your page and rank them accordingly. Examples of title links are shown below:

4 Tips To Improve Your Meta Tags For SEO | White Shark Media

Title links also tell readers what your web page is about. Below are some tips to how you can ensure your title link will appear the way you want it to:

  • Ensure every page on your site has a title. Make sure you fill it our in the <title> element.
  • Ensure each title is unique to that page.
  • Ensure your titles are concise and descriptive.
  • Ensure you don’t repeat text in the title just to add keywords. This is called “keyword stuffing” and can negatively affect SEO.
  • When appropriate, brand your titles with your company name.

By avoiding incomplete, inaccurate, or obsolete title links, you can make sure that your title link will show up exactly how you want it to.