Create Subtasks

Use subtasks to split up the work of a task into smaller parts. Subtasks function like an independent task that is embedded within a parent task. Subtasks are not visible in the calendar view, dashboard, or team performance chart. Subtasks are only available inside of the parent task.
Note: Subtasks are available in our Marketing Suite.

Add a Subtask to a task:

  1. Open the Advanced Options of your task.
2. Inside the task's advanced options, go to the Subtasksection. 3. To add a subtask, type in the subtask and click [Enter].

Edit Subtasks:

1. To rearrange subtasks, click . 2. To delete a subtask, click X.


Please Note: If all subtasks are completed, the parent task will not be auto-completed and vice versa. Parent tasks and subtasks completion status are separate to allow more flexibility.

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