Kanban Project Dashboard

Below are details about a feature or functionality that is no longer offered in new subscriptions starting after January 13, 2021.
Kanban Project Dashboard is the place to see everything your team is working on, make game-time decisions, and build out your team’s weekly schedules sans spreadsheets. Below are details about a feature or functionality that is no longer offered in new subscriptions starting after January 13, 2021.
Note: The Kanban Project Dashboard is only available in Marketing Suite.

What is the Kanban Project Dashboard?

1. Get a pulse on every project. With CoSchedule’s Kanban Project Dashboard, you instantly know where a project stands and what needs to get done. Apply custom statuses to your Kanban workflow and always know where any project is - in real-time. 2. Pinpoint bottlenecks in your workflow. Noticing a trend of projects piling up in the “design ready” phase? Utilize your Kanban view to optimize workflows and unblock blockers before projects get out off track. 3. And holistically manage projects from (start to finish). Keep projects moving forward without getting stuck in the weeds. Focus on the crucial steps and let your team take care of the day to day minutia. Back To Top

Navigating the Kanban Project Dashboard

To enable the Kanban Project Dashboard, go to Settings > Power Ups.

On the Power Ups page, click Enable Project Dashboard on the Project Dashboard tile. Inside the Kanban Project Dashboard, see all projects grouped by a label, status, or team member.



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Create Saved Project Views

Like the calendar view, the project view will have its own saved team views. Create new saved team views by clicking Create new saved view.

Saved project views work exactly like saved calendar views, except filtering by the label, status, or team member will only show the labels added, depending on the Group By settings you have selected. This is great for creating a project view for any kind of workflow.

The Kanban Project Dashboard will also have its own specific view settings that you can manage.

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Working with Custom Statuses

The Kanban Project Dashboard has many benefits, but one of the biggest benefits will be how it works with custom statuses. Custom statuses allow you to create customized kanban workflows. Create custom statuses based on the way your team works. Add custom statuses that describe the unique stages of your team’s workflow. Apply these statuses to your projects and always know where any project is. To manage your custom statuses, go to Calendar Settings > Status.

In the Kanban Project Dashboard, create a saved project view for each kanban workflow you're working with. When creating a new view, set the Group default to Status. This will cause the saved project view to default to status everytime it is opened.

If you're wanting to work with unscheduled projects or an idea bin, we recommend using the Workboard.

Content Pipeline

When filtering a saved view with custom statuses, filter by every status in your kanban pipeline. Statuses that are selected in the saved view will be the only statuses that will appear inside of the view.

Once the view is saved, you can drag each Status list to rearrange your kanban pipeline.

When finished rearranging, you're now

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