Kanban Dashboard

Kanban Dashboard is designed to streamline your workflows, offering a single, seamless experience for managing all your scheduled and unscheduled work in a single view.
Note: The Kanban Dashboard is only available in Content Calendar and Marketing Suite.

Manage Kanban Dashboard

  1. To access your Kanban Dashboard, open your calendar and click Kanban from the left-side panel menu
  2. Projects can be grouped by Color Label, Status, or Type — to change the grouping, click to open Display Settings from the top menu
  3. Drag-and-drop any project to a new column to change its attributes or move it to the top of any column to give it more priority

Create and Share Saved Project Views

Like the calendar, the Kanban Dashboard can be filtered and filtered views can be saved.
  1. Click to open your Kanban Dashboard from the left-side panel menu
  2. Click the filter icon at the top of the page
  3. Use the various filtering options until you get the view you want
  4. Name the view and click Done
  5. To share the view, click the Share icon at the top of the page — enable read-only sharing, then copy the link or download a PDF