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Creating Task Rules

You spend hours managing your team’s projects + progress every week. Assigning and approving tasks. Messaging coworkers for updates. Updating timelines. Keeping the project statuses up to date. Making tasks required before publishing. Your work is exactly the same (every time), yet you still have to manually manage huge parts of the process. With task rules, you can automate your entire workflow.

Note: Task Rules are only available in Marketing Suite.

Setting Up Task Rules

To set up a task rule, open any task’s advanced options.

Inside the task’s advanced options, go to the Rules section, and click Add a Rule.

For every rule, there will be a When and Then.

To make a task required before a project can be scheduled, toggle on required.

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Conditions and Actions

Task Rule Conditions and Actions

  • Conditions
    • This task is completed or approved
    • This task is submitted for approval
    • This task becomes past due
  • Actions
    • Change the status of this project to [Status]
    • Change the owner of this project to [Team Member]
    • Change the label of this project to [Color Label]
    • Reschedule this project to [New Date]
    • Send a notification to [Team Member]

Conditions and actions for another task to affect the current task.

  • Conditions
    • Another selected task(s) is submitted for approval.
    • Another selected task(s) is completed or approved.
  • Actions
    • Change the status of this project to [Status].
    • Assign this task to [Team Member]
    • Set this task due date to [New Date]

Conditions and actions for the current task to affect the connect project.

  • Conditions
    • This project’s status is changed to [Status]
    • This project’s label is changed to [Color Label]
    • This project’s owner is changed to [Team Member]
  • Actions
    • Change the status of this project to [Status].
    • Assign this task to [Team Member]
    • Set this task due date to [New Date]

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Example Task Rule Workflows

Assign Tasks

Assign tasks to specific teammates when other tasks are finished. They will receive a notification so they know when it’s their time to work on a project.

Adjust Project Timelines

Have projects be rescheduled if all of your tasks haven’t been finished. Make sure that none of your projects, social or email campaigns are scheduled unless all of the steps have been finished.

Update Project Status

Automate your review process by having the status of your task change the status of your entire project.

Automatically change your project to schedule when the final task is finished.

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