Why I’m Writing The Book On 10x Marketing

Why I'm Writing the Book on 10X Marketing Many of you have asked when (not if) I’d write a book. Answer: Now! So for those of you who are already totally on board with getting the book on marketing from your friends at CoSchedule… …subscribe to this exclusive email list to get the first chapter for FREE right now. You’ll also stay up to speed on its progress and get early access for pre-ordering. And you'll get access to the 10x Marketing LinkedIn Group to bounce ideas off other 10x marketers (including your friends at CoSchedule). Do it now! Now: If the fact that so many marketers have asked me to write this book isn’t enough reasoning behind its creation… read on (or watch) to learn why I've decided to write the book on The 10x Marketing Formula.

Yet Another Marketing Book?

The world doesn’t need another “copycat” marketing book. In fact, the world doesn’t need any more “copycat” content whatsoever. So… what sets this book apart? And more importantly… why do marketers like you need this book?

Why I'm Writing The Book On 10x Marketing

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Content Marketing Isn’t Living Up To Its Promises

For the past several years, content marketing has been all the rage. There are current success stories seemingly everywhere. But even though content marketing has been a successfully established tactic for more than a century, lately… it’s not living up to the hype. The thing is, you’ve already petitioned your boss to try this. You have the software. You have the processes. But actual results? Crickets. As marketers, we’re struggling more than ever before to prove that what we’re doing is really working. And even with all of the promises of content marketing… we’re hitting what Gartner calls the trough of disillusionment. Gartner's Five Step Hype Cycle Gartner has discovered a pattern in technology adoption for business use they call the “Hype Cycle”. Essentially, it looks like this:
  1. Something new emerges (new channels, tactics, technology, etc.).
  2. Early adopters embrace the new.
  3. Expectations soar due to a few success stories.
  4. Way more people jump on board expecting the same success.
  5. Then… crushing defeat.
Does that sound like your content marketing? ^^^ It was feeling that way to us at CoSchedule. That is… until we embraced The 10x Marketing Formula.

Here's why @CoSchedule embraced the 10X marketing formula.

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The Solution To Actually Generate Results = The 10x Marketing Formula

Like I imagine so many of you have experienced, we adopted content marketing with high hopes here at CoSchedule. When we started up, we needed the traffic… we needed the success story to be our story… but we weren’t getting it. Instead, we found quality + consistent content wasn’t—and couldn’t—be the promised driver of ROI. It just wasn’t enough. What we discovered was the need to develop and refine the content marketing process. All of that with the goal of driving real growth, measurable return, and 10x results. Since then, we’ve honed The 10x Marketing Formula to grow from zero customers to 9,000+, zero email subscribers to 250,000+, and pageviews from zero to 1.5 million every single month. And we did it all in less than four years. This book gives away everything we’ve learned along the way. It’s the secret to unlocking results, getting your boss off your back, and justifying better resources. When we started, we looked for books like this. They just didn’t exist. But we needed this book—this 10x Marketing Formula—to get our own marketing team out of content marketing’s trough of disillusionment. That’s why I'm writing it now. This book shares the growth levers we’ve discovered as we matured. We’ve reached some major growth numbers. And this book teaches you how to blow up your numbers, too. Because in the end… it’s not publish or die. It’s results or die.

In the end, it's not publish or die. It's results or die.

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Get The First Chapter Now + Follow My Progress

You already trust CoSchedule’s blog, tools like the Headline Analyzer Studio and social message optimizer, courses, and strategy guides. This book teaches you the formula behind all of it so you can find, execute, publish, and manage your own 10x projects more effectively than ever. So subscribe to this special email list now to get the first chapter free! You’ll also stay up to speed on the book’s progress and get exclusive access to early bird pre-orders. Plus, you'll have the opportunity to join the book's special LinkedIn Group, too! Get the First Chapter Free I'm excited to share this journey with you and help you generate 10x results from your marketing!
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