10x Marketing Formula Book Launch | #OverheardAtCoSchedule

10X Marketing Formula Book Launch | #OverheardAtCoSchedule The 10X Marketing Formula is finally here! If you’ve been following CoSchedule for the past few months, you might know it’s our CEO and co-founder Garrett Moon’s new book. It explains how CoSchedule grew from zero to over 8,000 customers in less than four years by pushing back on conventional marketing wisdom. Best of all, it shows how you can do the same. This isn’t just another marketing book, though. It’s packed with actionable advice that actually works, sharing the same strategies we implement every day at CoSchedule. You’ll learn all about:
  • What should marketers do when content marketing doesn’t work?
  • What is competition-free content, and how can a blue ocean strategy drive results?
  • And above all, how can marketers push past work that drives 10% improvements, and focus on projects that drive 10X results?
On this episode of Overheard At CoSchedule, we’re getting Garrett’s insights into what The 10X Marketing Formula is all about. This marks a major milestone for all of us here, and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the book.

10x Marketing Formula Book Launch | #OverheardAtCoSchedule

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Eric: Ah, Greenland. Santa's North Pole. I can see his village right there. That's pretty cool. Oh, Jeez. Oh. Hot, hot, hot, hot. I'm digging this! I'm digging it. Well, hello, there. Welcome to Overheard at CoSchedule. Books, books, books. You got science fiction books, you got self-help books, you got romance novels, but at CoSchedule, we know a thing or two about marketing, so what'd we do? We wrote the book on it. Boom! It's an exciting month, as our CEO, Garret Moon publishes his first book, The 10X Marketing Formula. We go behind the scenes and talk about how CoSchedule went from zilch to 8,000 customers in 100-plus countries in under four years. Let's go find out more. What an exciting milestone for you, Garrett, personally, and I know all of us as CoSchedulers are pretty pumped. I gotta ask, what led you to writing this book, and why now? Garrett: Yeah. I mean, we talk to marketers every single day. If it's on our blog, or meeting them at conferences, if it's through our sales or customer success process, wherever it is, one of the common things that we hear, even now, is that content marketing isn't living up to the hype. It was this big initiative a few years ago that people undertook inside of their companies, and it's just not providing the business value that they want. And so, what we're really looking to do is say, okay, well, here's the things that allowed us to jump ahead of the pack, allowed us to beat our competitors in the marketplace, and this is how to execute it and how to, kind of, short-circuit that content marketing process, to a certain degree. Here's the things that allowed us to jump ahead of the pack ... Eric: Okay. You gotta talk ROI to me, Garrett, okay? There's going to be a lot of people who are watching, saying, "Another marketing book? Really? Haven't I learned all there is to learn about it?" So, help them out. What are some one or two key take-aways from this book that's worth them picking it up off the shelves? Garrett:  Well, I mean, we used to talk about our story, going from zero to where we are today in just a couple years, and so we've been able to kind of rocket ship past your standard content marketing results, and we've been able to do that because we've adopted some slightly different opinions or takes on things. We boil that down to a couple concepts, like, one that I really love is called “Competition-Free Content”, which is where we really start talking about how to think about your content marketing as a way to differentiate yourself from the competition, but more importantly, how your entire marketing program needs to be done in a way that it's differentiating yourself from the competition, not just your business. And the other thing we really look at is the 10X formula, right? So, how do we separate 10X projects, opportunities that have the ability to multiply your results by 10 times, versus the opportunities that we get stuck in all the time, which are those 10-percenters, that gives 10% improvement, but they're not really going to give us a lot of results, so how do teams break past that and go for the 10X. Eric: Love it. Spoiler alert: it's fantastic. I've read it, and they'll be flying off the shelves. Thanks so much, Garrett. Congratulations. Ooh! Sprinkles. Ashton, Ashton. We're talking the 10X Marketing Formula book today, and everyone knows, the best part about books are the pictures, right? And I know you had a big hand in that. You helped with all the visual design and the graphics, especially the cover. I'm loving if you could share with some of our viewers, what thought process went into what we have here today? Ashton: For sure. So, this book's all about these huge 10X results, and so we chose a very powerful red to convey that, and it's all about these strategic shortcuts, getting from point A to point B, and so we have this huge imperfect line that just goes straight through the book, showing that you can do that, too. Eric: Here I thought they were just pretty photos. I love that, just, the well thought out ideation behind that. Now, of course we wanted to make sure our viewers had a say as well, so we actually had a couple of options, didn't we? Ashton: Yup. We had three different ideas that we showed out there with different colors and illustrations, and they actually voted, and it was our favorite one, too. Eric: This is awesome. Thanks so much, Ashton. So, if you want to 10X your marketing game and learn about the blueprint for competition-free content that'll get you results and stand out, pick yourself up a copy. Thanks for joining us at Overheard at CoSchedule, and our mission to organize the world one marketing calendar at a time. Order the 10X Marketing Formula on Amazon.com
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