An Insider's Look At What's New And What's Next For CoSchedule

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An Insider’s Look at What’s New (and what’s NEXT) for CoSchedule

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New Live Demo: An Insider's Look At What's New (And What's Next) For CoSchedule

2016 has already been an epic year for CoSchedule. We launched a ton of new features and have more in store before the year is up. We are so excited that we hosted a live demo to show off the new features and talk about what next. Garrett Moon, our CEO and co-founder brought an insiders look and answered your questions. Check out the recording below!

What’s New

  • Your NEW best friend in the social queue: Social Tagging.
  • How to schedule all your social videos directly in CoSchedule.
  • Why your social messages should live in ONE place (and how to end the tedious, repetition of scheduling them one at a time).
  • With a full calendar, it’s sometimes hard to find things. Our improved search feature will let you find what you need, when you need it.

What’s Next

  • Instagram. Yeah that’s right!
  • Social Media Automation (We call it ReQueue)
  • Analytics. Get details on how you messages are performing.
  • An entirely new editing experience. Does this feel like Christmas yet?


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