Are you interested in saving money on your CoSchedule subscription?

The CoSchedule referral program allows you to receive a credit on your subscription for every user who signs up for a paid account using your referral link.

CoSchedule Referral Program

How The CoSchedule Referral Program Works

Each time you share your referral link, your friends and followers will sign up. When they do, we will credit you as the user who referred them to CoSchedule. When they decide to upgrade their account, we will email you and automatically add a credit to your account. This credit will discount your subscription by 10% each month. If you write a review of CoSchedule on your blog we will give you 5 credits for an entire year!

  1. Share your referral link with friends and followers.
  2. Receive credit as their referrer when they sign up.
  3. Save 10% each month when they become a paying customer.
  4. Enjoy CoSchedule each month while paying less!

There are several ways that you can save:

1) Share Your Link

You can share your link using social media. Do it as many times as you need. We’ve even included a few buttons to help make it easy.

2) Write A Review

CoSchedule write a reivew

Write a review of CoSchedule on your blog and save 50% off of your subscription for an entire year! We’ll also promote your post on the CoSchedule Twitter account.

3) Put An Ad In Your Sidebar

We have several CoSchedule referral banners that can be used anywhere on your site. Save or copy the banner images to use on your site.

4) Send An Email

If there are specific friends that you would like to share CoSchedule with, you can email them directly with the link provided in your referral program settings page.

Start Using Your Referral Code Now

The CoSchedule referral program can be found inside the settings tab of your CoSchedule calendar.

Through the panel, you can track how many users have signed up using your referral link. Each current referral user is indicated by a filled-in star. You will also receive an email notification each time someone successfully uses your referral link to sign up for a paid account.