Getting Started With ReQueue

Before You Get Started…

Take a sneak peek at the five lessons that will help new ReQueue users through best-practice onboarding and how to utilize ReQueue to be more efficient with social media.  To help you learn your way, this lesson is also available as:  Choose which format fits your learning style, and start learning the ins and outs of ReQueue

Core Concepts: How To Get More Results From Social Media In Less Time With ReQueue

What is ReQueue?

ReQueue automatically reshares your best social messages for you, so you can get more results from social media with less effort. ReQueue does the heavy lifting of social media for you, freeing up your time to do other things like write more blog content or grow your email list. With ReQueue, you can continuously drive traffic from social media to your best performing blog posts and automatically publish repeating social media promotions. Here’s What ReQueue can do for you:
  • Automatically promotes your most popular blog posts on social media to get better results.
  • Saves you time by continually filling your social channels with great content.
  • Ends the tedious manual labor of copy/pasting to manually reshare social messages.
  • Automatically publishes messages for your repeating promotions.
  • Posts on your behalf using best time scheduling so you don’t have to memorize the best times to post on social media.

Power Up with ReQueue

To start working with ReQueue, you’ll have to enable it on your calendar.  First, select your name in the hamburger menu and then click on Integrations. Select Power Ups in the left-hand menu, and then click on Enable ReQueue. ReQueue is now ready to get to work. Organize Your Messages In ReQueue: ReQueue Groups ReQueue has two different types of groups you can use to automate your social schedule. These two different groups – Intelligent Groups & Placeholder Groups – give you the flexibility and control to automate your social schedule the way that works best for you.
  • Placeholder Groups: ​​If you want your social messages to automatically publish at the same date & time for repeating promotions, use Placeholder Groups.
  • Intelligent Groups: If you want to drive more traffic to your website, use Intelligent Groups to reshare your top-performing social messages & blog posts again & again. 

Implementation Chapter 1: Set Up ReQueue To Drive More Traffic To Your Best Performing Blog Posts

Why you should reshare your blog posts using ReQueue

By resharing your blog posts multiple times using ReQueue, you create new opportunities to drive more traffic & reach new followers. Resharing your best content is simple.  All you have to do is add your best evergreen content to ReQueue. What blog posts should I add to ReQueue? Evergreen blog posts continue to be relevant & valuable to your audience – regardless of when you share them. Avoid adding blog posts that may become outdated – like event promotion or seasonally relevant posts. Now it’s time to add your first messages to ReQueue.

Step 1: Add evergreen social messages to ReQueue

  • Add top-performing social messages to ReQueue.
    • The easiest way to add your first messages to ReQueue is by adding social messages from your recommended messages list.
    • ReQueue will pull in a list of social messages you’ve published on connected social profiles that have high engagement. This way you can easily add your top-performing evergreen messages to ReQueue with a click!
  • Add social messages as you create new blog posts
    • When you’re creating social messages to promote new evergreen blog posts, simply toggle on ReQueue. These messages will be added to ReQueue once the original social message is published.

Step 2: Update ReQueue Setting for evergreen social messages

Next, define how many times you’d like to share this message. For evergreen messages, select “This message will never expire.” Because evergreen messages are timeless, they can continue to be shared using ReQueue without an expiration. ReQueue will automatically reshare these messages over and over again at the best times for optimal engagement. You can add any existing, published social message on your Calendar to ReQueue using this button, too.

Implementation Chapter 2: Save Time By Automating Repeating Promotions On A Set Schedule

In this Implementation Chapter, you’ll learn how to use Placeholder Groups to have more control over your publishing dates & times using ReQueue.

Step 1: Create A Placeholder Group

To get started creating a ReQueue Placeholder Group, Click the “+ New Group” button in the top left-hand on your ReQueue page. Then choose the “Placeholder Group” option on the pop-up. Give your group a name. Ideally, this would be the name of your recurring promotion (Taco Tuesday, for example). Then choose the day and time you want your messages from this group to publish. In this example, you’ll choose every Tuesday at 8:00 AM. If you have repeating promotions that are only available for a limited time, you can define start & end times for your Placeholder Groups. ReQueue will stop publishing social messages from this group for you on the end date.

Step 2: Add messages to Placeholder Groups

Start adding new messages directly to this group by clicking the “New ReQueue Message” button. We recommend adding at least 12 new messages to this folder to start. This will give you 3 months of recurring content if you’re sharing messages from this group once per week.

Step 3: Review your Placeholders to round out your social schedule

If you create multiple Placeholder Groups, you can quickly review how these messages will overlap by clicking “Show all groups.” Make tweaks to your repeating promotions social schedule as you continue to build out new ReQueue groups. From this view, you can update the sending time & frequency on any Placeholder Group if you need to adjust your schedule.

Implementation Chapter 3: How To Fine-Tune Your Publishing Schedule Using ReQueue Settings

Now that you’ve got the basics of your ReQueue strategy down, let’s venture into advanced territory. Learn how to fine-tune your global settings to have more control over your ReQueue publishing schedule. 

Step 1: Set sending limits under Global Settings

First, navigate to ReQueue settings. It’s located in the top right-hand corner under the ReQueue area of your calendar. Under “Global Settings” you can choose to send the same message either once or twice a month.

Step 2: Update Intelligent Automation Settings

If you click on the Intelligent Automation Settings, you can fine-tune exact times you want ReQueue Intelligent Groups to share messages to your social channels. For this setting, It’s best to think about the hours your audience is most likely to be active on social media.

Step 3: Customize ReQueue sending configurations by social profile 

The next piece of the puzzle is to customize your ReQueue sending configurations. This lets you set custom publishing frequencies for each of your social profiles. Here’s our recommended setting for those of you just getting started with ReQueue: Tick the box that says “Customize”. Then, toggle down the number and set it to one. This means ReQueue will only share one message per day on each social profile.

Implementation Chapter 4: Make Content Curation A Snap Using ReQueue & CoSchedule’s Browser Extension

To keep your social channels engaging, it’s said that you need to find the perfect mix of publishing your own content, in addition to curating and sharing content from other sources. Sharing others’ content is one of the best ways to show your audience that you will provide them with valuable content they want (even if it’s not self-serving). This not only builds authority, trust, and loyalty with your followers, but it also saves you time on content creation.  Simply put, content curation involves:
  • Identify content topics that you know your audience loves.
  • Searching for content from others that ties into those topics and your audience’s interests.
  • Sharing only the best information you can find on your social networks for your audience.
  • Great. Another social media activity that takes a ton of manual labor and effort.
The good news is that ReQueue makes content curation super easy.

Step 1: Create a Group for Curated Content

To get started, you’ll want to create a ReQueue group specifically for your curated social media messages. Visit ReQueue & “+ New Group.” Choose an Intelligent Group for your curated content. Name your Intelligent Group, Curated Content, to easily find this group when you’re adding new curated social messages to ReQueue. Next, you’ll want to configure your settings for your Curated Content group with your overall social strategy in mind.  When updating your settings, the key is to share a good balance of curated content alongside your original content.

Step 2: Download the CoSchedule Browser Extension

Now it’s time to install the CoSchedule browser extension. Visit the Chrome Web Store and add the CoSchedule Chrome Extension. Follow the prompts to go through the installation process. Once it is installed, you will be able to find the CoSchedule icon where your browser extensions live.

Step 3: Add curated content to ReQueue

When you find a blog post, quote, article, or link from another website you think your audience would like, click the CoSchedule icon where your extensions live. The CoSchedule social media composer will pop up and allow you to quickly share this content on your social channels. Toggle on ReQueue just like you would on a social message in your CoSchedule Marketing Calendar. Use the ReQueue group drop down to select your ReQueue group called Content Curation. Continue to add blog posts, articles, or other resources to your Curated Content ReQueue group as you find them to keep your group fresh & full of valuable content for your followers.
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