Set Up ReQueue To Drive Traffic To Your Top Performing Posts
Getting Started With ReQueue

Set Up ReQueue To Drive Traffic To Your Top Performing Posts

In This Lesson

If you read the Core Concepts chapter, you should have a good understanding of how ReQueue is going to help you drive more traffic & save time on social media.

Now it’s time to put these concepts into action.

In each implementation chapter, you’ll get inspiration, best practices, and step-by-step recommendations on how to use ReQueue to save time & drive more traffic from social media.

What is this lesson? 

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to create & set up a ReQueue group to promote your best performing blog posts.

Who is this guide for?

Marketers who are responsible for creating, publishing, and managing social media profiles.

Why you should reshare your blog posts using ReQueue

You spend a lot of time writing great blog posts most of which are evergreen - meaning these posts stay relevant for your audience long after their publish date.

Problem is, who has time to continually write social messages promoting old content?

The truth is reaching all of your followers with a single message is impossible.

By resharing your blog posts multiple times using ReQueue, you create new opportunities to drive more traffic & reach new followers.

Resharing your best content is simple.  All you have to do is add your best evergreen content to ReQueue.

What blog posts should I add to ReQueue?

Evergreen blog posts continue to be relevant & valuable to your audience - regardless of when you share them.

Avoid adding blog posts that may become outdated - like event promotion or seasonally relevant posts.

Now it’s time to add your first messages to ReQueue.

Step 1: Add evergreen social messages to ReQueue

To start, head over to ReQueue. You’ll see two, pre-made ReQueue groups: Evergreen Content and Motivation Monday.

You’ll also find recommended social messages to add to your evergreen content group. This is the easiest way to add new messages to ReQueue.

Add top-performing social messages to ReQueue.

The easiest way to add your first messages to ReQueue is by adding social messages from your recommended messages list.

ReQueue will pull in a list of social messages you’ve published on connected social profiles that have high engagement. This way you can easily add your top-performing evergreen messages to ReQueue with a click!

To start adding messages to ReQueue, click the button to view a list of recommended messages.

Here you can easily get started populating ReQueue with some of your best performing social messages.

Here are a few tips for using ReQueue Recommendations:

  1. Add any top-performing social messages that promote your evergreen blog posts to ReQueue.
  2. Dismiss the social messages that are not evergreen to remove them from the list.
  3. Check ReQueue Recommended at least once a month to discover new, top-performing social messages to ReQueue.

Add social messages as you create new blog posts.

When you’re creating social messages to promote new evergreen blog posts, simply toggle on ReQueue. These messages will be added to ReQueue once the original social message is published.

Open the message & toggle on ReQueue using the ReQueue icon. Then choose which ReQueue group you want to add this message to - in this case, you’ll want to add it to your Evergreen Content group.

Step 2: Update ReQueue Settings for evergreen social messages

Next define how many times you’d like to share this message. For evergreen messages, select “This message will never expire.”

Because evergreen messages are timeless, they can continue to be shared using ReQueue without an expiration.

ReQueue will automatically reshare these messages over and over again at the best times for optimal engagement.

You can add any existing, published social message on your Calendar to ReQueue using this button, too.