H2H Consulting: Manage Multiple Clients With Marketing Calendar

Head shot of Kendra Corman Kendra Corman is the founder of H2H Consulting: a marketing agency that helps businesses get a return on investment with their marketing and advertising. Coordinating blog posts, multiple clients, and social media campaigns can be overwhelming. That’s why H2H uses CoSchedule Marketing Calendar.

In this video, you’ll see how H2H Consulting uses CoSchedule’s Marketing Calendar to:
  • Manage content and processes
  • Create Projects
  • Coordinate Social Media

Superior Task Management

A fast-paced workplace like H2H needs an easy-to-use task management system. Task management in Marketing Calendar has plenty of unique features that increase productivity for H2H Consulting. Here are some of Kendra’s favorite features for task management:
  • Color Labels: H2H uses color labels to see unique calendars for all of their clients. That way, they can customize the view and only see specific client calendars.The color labels give me a clean view of each client, so we can see what's coming up next for each one.
  • Ideas Tab: Kendra can create projects without having to put them on Marketing Calendar by putting them in the Ideas Tab. She can leave it there until she decides to put it into action.
  • Task Workflows: When creating a task, Kendra can decide who she wants to assign it to and set a list of subtasks that will guide the person to complete it.
H2H uses CoSchedule to organize their workload

Creating Projects

H2H creates projects from start to finish within Marketing Calendar. Kendra uses projects to create webinars, blog posts, and social media content. Here is what Kendra loves about projects in Marketing Calendar:
  • Integrations: The Marketing Calendar seamlessly integrates with Google Drive, WordPress, and many other helpful tools. H2H uses these integrations to convene altogether on these projects.
  • Statuses: H2H can set due dates and the project's status based on how far it is in the process.
  • Headline Studio: With Headline Studio, H2H gets data-backed headline scoring, suggestions, & SEO tips for their headlines directly from Marketing Calendar.
H2H uses headline studio and other CoSchedule tools to manage their workload "We love this software as it fuels all of our marketing efforts for H2H Consulting and our clients

Social Media Coordination

The social media capabilities in Marketing Calendar allow H2H to get more done in less time. Here is why they love using Marketing Calendar for social media:
  • Scheduling: H2H can manually schedule when the posts go out or let Marketing Calendar pick the best time to send them out.
  • Multiple Platforms: H2H can send out the same post to all their social media platforms at once.
  • Analysis: Marketing Calendar will analyze your social media post to see how well it may perform.
H2H uses CoSchedule to manage their social media schedule

"At H2H Consulting, we use CoSchedule's Marketing Calendar to organize our tasks, schedule social posts, and keep track of content marketing ideas."

Stay on top of your marketing efforts with Marketing Calendar.

Sign up for CoSchedule’s Free Marketing Calendar here. For more tips, ideas, and examples for using CoSchedule’s Marketing Calendar, check out our User Guides &  Power Tips library.
About the Author

Soren Beckstrom is a student at Concordia College where he is pursuing a degree in Marketing and Management. Soren works as a Product Marketing Specialist at CoSchedule.