Your Headline Analyzer Is Now Built Into CoSchedule [New Feature]

headline analyzer You already know the importance of writing awesome headlines:
  1. You're competing with 56.6 million blog posts published every month (and that's just WordPress alone).
  2. Only two out of 10 people click through to read your blog posts—but you can increase that number with awesome headlines.
  3. Solid headlines influence more clickthroughs from search engines, social media, and email.
  That's why we built the headline analyzer to help you write better headlines than ever before. And now you can write your awesome headlines even easier since the headline analyzer is built right into your CoSchedule marketing calendar! headline analyzer

Your #Headline Analyzer Is Now Built Into CoSchedule [New Feature]

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You read that right—the headline analyzer you use to write emotional headlines that will increase the clickthroughs to your blog posts is now a core part of your editorial calendar right in CoSchedule. You can use the headline analyzer in CoSchedule to:
  • Add emotional value beyond a keyword-only, generic headline to help you rank in search engines while connecting with real people.
  • Focus on the types of headlines that are proven to generate more traffic: List posts, how-to, and question.
  • Score and grade your headlines based on their emotional value to improve social shares and clickthroughs.
  • Find the best length for your headlines as you use them for search engines, email subject lines, and social shares.
  • Gauge your sentiment to focus on extremely positive or negative emotions to improve your headlines' performance.

How To Use The Headline Analyzer In Your CoSchedule Marketing Calendar

Writing multiple headlines for every piece of content is a good creative practice to help you publish better headlines consistently. With the headline analyzer, you'll start with your root keyword for your content, then build upon the idea. headline analyzer That practice is something Upworthy does for every blog post they publish. In fact, they write 25 headlines for every blog post! The problem is that if you write 25 headlines, they disappear afterward—when in reality, seeing your headline history can help you continue to write better headlines. Oh, and the alternative headlines you create can serve as inspiration for social messages. The headline analyzer helps you through this creative process so you can write multiple headlines and review your headline history at any time. headline analyzer That's super helpful because now you can:
  • Include writing headlines as part of your workflow and manage the entire process right in CoSchedule.
  • Write headlines in the marketing tool where you manage everything else—even writing your blog posts with CoSchedule's custom editor or integrations like WordPress, Evernote, and Google Docs.
  • Use the time you spent on a headline brainstorm as inspiration for the social messages you schedule through CoSchedule.
headline analyzer It's exciting to bring you one of your most-requested features! Now go forth and prosper with an even better way to write awesome headlines.

It's happening: The headline analyzer is built into your CoSchedule marketing calendar!

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