3 Ways Kim + Co. Uses CoSchedule Marketing Calendar To Execute Their Social Media Strategy

Kimberly Ann Jimenez is the founder and CEO of Kim + Co. an online marketing company. Within her business, Kim manages multiple social media channels. With CoSchedule Marketing Calendar, Kim and her team can easily organize, track, and publish over 50 posts per month. In this video Kim shares how she uses CoSchedule Marketing Calendar to:
  • Plan her entire social strategy with Marketing Calendar
  • Strategize, draft, & publish social messages and campaigns
  • And easily collaborate with her entire team from one platform

Plan Your Entire Social Strategy In An Easy To See Calendar View

Kim and her team love using CoSchedule Marketing Calendar to organize their marketing and post on social media. With the Calendar View, she has a high-level overview of her entire social media strategy, months in advance. Kim demonstrates how she is able to plan and organize her team's content calendar through CoSchedule One of Kim’s favorite features in Marketing Calendar is the ability to customize your calendar to work for your business. In this video, Kim shows you how you can customize your Calendar and use different views for various projects like blog posts, email campaigns, and more. (3:05 - 3:30) “I really like using grid view so that I can plan and publish all of my content in one place.”

Save Time Creating & Publishing Your Social Messages

Kim & her team publish content on their social media pages by scheduling the messages in CoSchedule Marketing Calendar. Here is her process for publishing social messages:
  1. Click on Create Button: Decide what format of content you want, usually, Kim sticks with Social Message.
  2. Select Social Media Profile: You can connect multiple social media profiles per account so you can manage multiple platforms from one account.
  3. Create Caption: Write a creative caption that your audience will find value in.
  4. Add Visual Content: Upload your images and/or videos for your social messages.
  5. Analyze Social Post: Use the social message analyzer to ensure you are publishing the best content possible.
  6. Schedule Post: Decide when to post, or use the best time feature.
  7. Publish: Either publish now or schedule the post for a later time/date
Kim demonstrates how she is able to save time while managing her social campaigns in CoSchedule Kim adds Social Campaigns to her Calendar if she has larger-scale projects to promote via social. Social Campaigns help Kim and her team publish multiple messages for specific pieces of content from one place in less time. In this video, Kim breaks down how to insert a link once to create and schedule dozens of messages in minutes. (3:30-7:00) Example of a social campaign in CoSchedule “This allows us to schedule a series of posts that are related. I love this strategy because it gives us an idea of when different posts are going to be scheduled.”

Easily Collaborate With Marketing Calendar With Your Team

Like many marketers, Kim works with a small team to run her business and platforms. She loves using Marketing Calendar to collaborate with her team. Some of her favorite collaboration features include…
  • Discussions: Stop wasting time fishing through random messages, use discussions to keep project messages all in one place.
  • Customized Saved Views: Personalize your calendar view to see everything you want, and nothing you don’t.
  • Shared Projects: Easily add team members as contributors to projects to collaborate in seconds.

Kim demonstrates how easy it is to collaborate with coworkers in CoSchedule

Open your Marketing Calendar (or sign up for Marketing Calendar) to see how you can get more out of your social strategy with CoSchedule Marketing Calendar. Looking to continue to level-up your Marketing Calendar? Our team at CoSchedule created guides, Power tips, & videos to help you get started with your new Marketing Calendar!
About the Author

Megan Fletcher is currently a project manager at Flint Group of Agencies. She is a former product marketing specialist at CoSchedule where she used her writing skills to create marketing resources and promote CoSchedule’s family of marketing products. Outside of work Megan can be found coaching gymnastics or hanging out with friends and family.