ReQueue: Intelligently Automate Your Social Media

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Introducing ReQueue: The Most Intelligent Way To Automate Your Social Media [NEW Feature]


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You have a love/hate relationship with social scheduling.

Yes, it’s REALLY important.

BUT when you add up all the hours you spend crafting those messages…

…determining the perfect times to send them out….

…and finally scheduling them all out?

It can feel like a ton of manual effort for (very little) return.

Well, what if I told you…it doesn’t have to be that way!?

That you could build a social strategy once, and let it run on autopilot?

That you could resurrect your best social messages and automatically reuse them at just the right time?

And [best of all] do all of that with intelligent data-driven backed strategies?

Introducing ReQueue: The most intelligent way to automate your social media.


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With ReQueue from CoSchedule, you can automatically reuse your best social messages and let CoSchedule intelligently fill your daily social schedule.

That will keep you consistent, fill the gaps in your daily schedule, and most importantly, keep your content front of mind with your audience.

Here’s how it works:


Set It And Forget It


No more getting stuck in the weeds of social!

Create your social messages (one time)…

Add them to ReQueue (one time)…

And then let CoSchedule intelligently send them out at the best possible traffic times for each network (over and over again).

Increase your social engagement, clicks, retweets, shares, etc. without even trying! Let ReQueue build a consistent (and intelligent) schedule for your content for 7, 10, 30, 60, even 180 days!

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Get More Mileage Out Of Your Messages


The average lifespan of a single social message is mere minutes, so why are you only sharing it once? Craft your messages, add them to ReQueue, and let CoSchedule re-share them at the most optimal posting frequency.

Your audience is overwhelmed with information 24/7 on their social networks. On average, the number of touch points you need for people to convert (i.e. click on your social message, interact with it, etc.) is 12 times.

Did you read that? 12 times.

Promoting your content once and then hoping people notice your social messages amongst the 100 billion other things vying for their attention is… idealistic.

Let ReQueue consistently share your content with your audience AND actually get you the results you’ve been working your butt of for!

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Automatically Reuse Your Best Social Messages


ReQueue fills in the gaps of your daily schedule (with smarts), not manual guesses! It takes into account your entire social schedule, uses Best Time Scheduling intelligence to promote your messages at the most optimal times AND intelligently finds the gaps in your schedule (so you don’t have to).

When you add a social message to ReQueue, your messages aren’t aimlessly sent out into the social sphere. Over the last few years, CoSchedule has been gather TONS of data on frequencies, best times to post, and social etiquette for every network. Back in April, we launched Best Time Scheduling, a feature that takes the guess work out of picking times to share your content. And now, we’re incorporating that science into ReQueue!

It’s the closest thing to having a full time social media intern (only way cheaper).

Imagine having a tool that not only re-shares your best content at the BEST times possible, but it also keeps in mind your NEW and curated content, and constantly recalibrates when you add additional things to the schedule.

ReQueue is that tool.

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Easily Re-Promote Your Evergreen Content!


Use the ReQueue to re-promote your evergreen content. Consistently re-share your evergreen content to drive MORE traffic and engagement to your site.

Some content is timeless.

Why invent the wheel and continuously spend your time trying to come up with the NEXT latest and greatest thing to talk about? You busted your butt creating your content! So make the most of it, and share it over and over again with ReQueue!

All you have to do is:

  1. Create a group in your ReQueue dashboard.
  2. Add messages associated with that content to your new group.
  3. And let CoSchedule take care of promoting it for you!

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Fine-Tune Your Promotion With Custom Groups


Create custom groups for promoting a major event, special contest, podcast series, key landing pages or any type of social campaign you can dream up!

And with tailored ReQueue settings, sending limits, and schedules, it’s as customizable or hands-free as you want!

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"CoSchedule has allowed us to plan and stay ahead 8-12 weeks. It's the best thing we've done to get ahead of ourselves; especially with so many last minute projects popping up."

Lee Hersh, Founder of Fit Foodie Finds
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