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What Makes Silicon Prairie The Best Place For Startups? | #OverheardAtCoSchedule

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You’ve probably heard startups have to be in Silicon Valley. That’s an understandable assumption.

After all, it’s where many of the world’s biggest software successes call home. But, is it really where startups have to be located to be successful? Is it possible, or even probable, that there are other places where you can build world-class software without heading for the coast?

For our team at CoSchedule, the answer is a resounding yes.

In fact, as a proud North Dakota-based company (you read that right), we’re proof positive you don’t have to leave home to build great software. From local investment opportunities to a skilled and ambitious talent pool, we wouldn’t trade the benefits of our home state to be anywhere else in the world.

With more than 8,000 customers located in 100-plus countries around the globe, we think the numbers speak for themselves. So, what makes the Silicon Prairie the best place for CoSchedule? That’s the question we’ll answer on this episode of #OverheardFromCoSchedule.



Eric: Everyone knows the best place for a startup is Silicon Valley, right? Wrong. Welcome to the Silicon Prairie. Howdy everyone, this is Eric with CoSchedule and welcome to Overheard at CoSchedule, the show where we talk about the things we talk about a CoSchedule. We’re flipping the script. I’m out in the middle of the beautiful prairie here in North Dakota. Our customer’s jaws always drop when they find out that CoSchedule’s based in Bismarck and I love it.

We are merely miles from the geographical center of North America so you know what? How about we find out how the middle of nowhere suddenly becomes the middle of everywhere. All right, we’re here with Garrett Moon, CEO, Co-founder of CoSchedule. I find this absolutely incredible, Garrett. We’re sitting behind the world map. We’ve got 8,000 customers in 100-plus countries and we’re doing straight out of North Dakota, which I love. You’ve got to fill in the CoSchedulers out there, what is this North Dakota advantage?

Garrett: Oh, there’s tons, besides the weather we also have things like we’re a technology company in a state that’s actively trying to grow in the technology sector, so there’s a ton of economic advantages, incentives and things that come our way that way. I think there’s also just this dynamic of we’re able to be a big fish in a little pond rather than being a little fish in a big pond.

That helps us stand out, it helps us really differentiate ourselves from other employers and stuff in the state and it gives us a ton of value going forward.

Eric: Hi Emma.

Emma: Hey Eric.

Eric: What do you love about North Dakota?

Emma: Obviously the people. Definitely the hot dish.

Eric: So good, right?

Emma: So good. Third, the jobs. I actually moved here from Florida because of the job opportunities for millennials.

Eric: You don’t say? You’re so smart, Emma.

Emma: Thanks Eric.

Eric: Later.

Emma: Later.

Eric: Hey Jordan.

Jordan: Hey man.

Eric: How’s it going?

Jordan: So good.

Eric: Good. You’ve been here a whopping month now, is that correct?

Jordan: That’s right, yeah.

Eric: Okay, this is the perfect question. I’m asking folks why North Dakota and why CoSchedule?

Jordan: First of all, killer team, insanely cool product and it’s nice to be back in our hometown.

Eric: Your hometown, you’ve got to tell me more here.

Jordan: That’s right. Wife and I did Minneapolis thing, did the Denver thing, but there’s something about being back in your hometown, family around, AKA built-in babysitters that’s just too sweet to pass up.

Eric: I got it. So built-in babysitter, check. Helping marketers be more productive, check. Helping them get [sound effect] down, triple check.

Jordan: Amen.

Eric: I feel you. Take care, man. You’ve got to love that a state as notoriously known for its cold winters has suddenly become the hotbed for marketing technology. I’m Eric with CoSchedule. Thanks for tuning in to Overheard at CoSchedule and our quest to organize the world one marketing calendar at a time. Yee-ha!Subscribe to #OverheardAtCoSchedule on YouTube

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