How to Automate Social Media Marketing in CoSchedule

Struggling to share content consistently? Need help keeping your social media content organized? Wish you just had more time to get things done?

If this describes you, then it sounds like you could use an extra hand! If you’re looking for a feature to help you in these areas, then look no further.

You need to incorporate social media automation into your content marketing plan. But how?

Let’s jump in and learn how you can implement social media automation into your marketing strategy with ReQueue in CoSchedule!

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How Can You Automate Your Social Media?

While having a social media marketing strategy is a top priority, it can become extremely time consuming. Between updating your profiles, responding to customers, coming up with content and sharing content, managing your social media accounts can quickly become overwhelming.

According to Scott Ayres at Post Planner:

One of the best things about social media automation is it gives you the ability to stay consistent & easily manage your social media accounts.

Think about when you publish a new blog post for a minute—how many social media posts do you schedule and share when your content goes live? Do you ever go back to re-promote your hard created content? If not, it’s a missed opportunity for traffic and ROI. Social automation will make sure that never happens again.

So the big question you may be wondering, how can I actually automate my social media marketing?

Set it and Forget it With ReQueue in CoSchedule

Imagine a bucket filled with reusable content your audience will love and every so often, pieces of content get sent out to your social media profiles. Wouldn’t that be a cool feature!? Well my friends, this feature is called ReQueue and we created it just for you.


CoSchedule allows you to see all your social posts in one place. But, keeping that entire calendar full can be tough. That’s where ReQueue comes in. ReQueue is designed to organize your evergreen and curated content for you automatically.

Content curation is sharing the content of others that you know you’re audience will find valuable. Sharing others’ content is one of the best ways to show that you’re not all about you, and that you value a variety of perspectives beyond your own. But it can be tedious work to find shareable content PLUS keep that content organized.

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How Does ReQueue Work?

ReQueue is the magical social media schedule that fills itself. The more messages you add, the more gaps CoSchedule can intelligently fill for you. Keep your social schedule consistent and promote your best content MORE (and better) than ever before, without all the tedious work.

In order to start using ReQueue, you’ll need to find the content you want to share first. Easily re-promote your evergreen content, share curated content, and more! You can use apps like Feedly or BuzzSumo to search for relevant topics to curate.

You can also use our Social Engagement Report feature to see your most shared content.

Social Engagement Report screenshot

Once you’ve gathered all the amazing content you want to share, you can start adding it into ReQueue. Stop the busywork of searching for content day in and day out, search for content once then set it and forget it. ReQueue uses smart technology to make sure you never have duplicate messages or share too many messages at once.

Manage Social Sharing In One Place

Keep your calendar full of content ALWAYS with ReQueue. With ReQueue, you can automatically reuse your best social messages and let CoSchedule intelligently fill your daily social schedule; keep it consistent, fill the gaps in your social schedule, and most importantly: keep your content front of mind with your audience.

Menu of features in CoSchedule

It truly is your set it and forget it tool! You can manage all your social networks in one place including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn AND we’ve recently added Instagram. ReQueue also implements our Best Time Scheduling feature so you can breathe easy knowing your messages will get sent out at the best possible times for the highest engagement.

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Doing Social Automation With ReQueue Will Save You Time

Finding social media content to share is time consuming, but scheduling content and posting at the right time is even more time consuming. By using ReQueue, you will save time AND a headache. Think of ReQueue as your personal social media manager.

ReQueue fills in the gaps of your daily schedule with intelligence, not manual guesses! It takes into account your entire social schedule and uses Best Time scheduling to promote your messages at the most optimal times. The important thing to keep in mind is that ReQueue will help you stay organized and consistent. Solve all your social sharing content problems with ONE tool.

Here’s How You Can Do Social Media Automation With ReQueue

Our founder, Garret Moon, had some words to share about social media automation:

ReQueue is one of my favorite features ever, because it helps you make the most of the hard work you put into social media schedule. Now, CoSchedule will help you reuse to best social messages again when it sees a gap in your schedule. It’s the perfect social companion for the busiest of marketers.

Now that you know what ReQueue is, I’ll show you how it works and how you can implement it into your social media strategy!

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Create Relevant Categories

Stop the clutter and organize your social sharing by creating groups with specific categories in ReQueue. For instance, you can have a “Holidays” category where you add content related to holiday promotions. Or you could have a “Curation” category, where you add content from others. The sky is the limit when it comes to creating categories.

At CoSchedule, we have 5 distinct categories in ReQueue:

Screenshot of Groups in ReQueue

With these 5 categories, we can stay on track to ensure we are sharing the right content for our audience.

As I briefly mentioned before, we recently launched our Social Analytics feature. This feature allows you to see your most popular content and compare your performance. You can easily re-share your most engaging content using ReQueue (hence our “Popular Messages” category).

Decide which categories will work best for you and your content. After all, this is your social media wizard, so choose wisely.

Once you have your categories created, you’re ready to start adding content!

Add Messages Into ReQueue

There are two different ways you can add content into ReQueue, the first is by adding content directly into ReQueue. 

After finding the piece of content you want to share, locate ReQueue on the left-hand side of your CoSchedule Calendar. From there, select which category your want to add this piece of content.

Let’s say you select the Evergreen group:

Naming a group in ReQueue

Once you have selected your ReQueue group that corresponds with the content you’re sharing, a new screen will show for that specific group. You will then click +Add Message:

Add a message to a group in ReQueue

After clicking +Add Message, a new box will pop-up where you can select which social profile you want the content shared to. In this box you can also type out your social message and include a link to the piece of content.

Edit messages in ReQueue

You’re almost finished! Make sure to double check over all of the information you included. Did you add a link? Is there a picture? Did you write a social message? Did you select the correct ReQueue group?

If you decide you want this piece of content in a different ReQueue group, you DON’T have to start all over. Simply select a new group at the bottom of this box.

Add a message here in ReQueue

And lastly, select the orange Add Message box at the bottom right, or if you decide this content is not worthy of being shared, select Delete.

Ta-da! You did it. You’ve successfully added your first piece of content into ReQueue, but that’s not the only way to add content into ReQueue. The second way is by using the CoSchedule Chrome Extension tool.

If you’ve curated content before with our Chrome Extension tool, then this process will look very similar.

Using The Chrome Extension Tool

Once again, you will need to locate the page with the content you want to share. After locating the page, click on our friendly Chrome Extension. A new box will pop-up similar to the one that shows up directly in ReQueue.

Add messages to ReQueue with the Chrome extension

In this window, you can select which social profile you want to share the piece of content to, along with a link and social message.

But from here, if you click Add Message it will not be added to ReQueue. So how do you add the content into ReQueue from here?

At the bottom of this window there will be a toggle option to turn on ReQueue. Once you’ve turned it on, you can select which group you want to add this piece of content.

Add message to a group in ReQueue

And lastly, select the orange Add Message and this will automatically be placed into the ReQueue group you have selected.

Select the right group in ReQueue

Once the content you want to share is in ReQueue, that’s it. You don’t have to worry about scheduling it or making sure it posts at the right time – ReQueue will automatically do that for you.

Here’s what that ReQueue post looks like when it was shared to Facebook:

An example of a post shared through ReQueue on Facebook

And that’s how it’s done! Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be filling up your calendar with content in no time. Let ReQueue do the magic for you. You can customize your ReQueue settings to adjust how often content will be shared. With tailored ReQueue settings, sending limits, and schedules, it’s as customizable or hands-free as you want!

Adjust ReQueue settings

You can also turn ReQueue off in the settings menu if you want to take a break from sharing content.

The more content you add the less gaps you have in your calendar. ReQueue will fill in the gaps of your daily schedule—keeping your schedule consistent and filled with variety. You’ll never worry about an empty social queue again with CoSchedule!

Now It’s Your Turn To Use ReQueue

You know how to use ReQueue so now it’s time to get more mileage out of your messages. The average lifespan of a single social message is mere minutes, so why only share it once? Add your best messages to the ReQueue and let CoSchedule re-share your best content at the most optimal frequency.

You busted your butt creating your content! So make the most of it, and share it over and over again with ReQueue.

Get ready to save time and share more content – it’s the best of both worlds. So what are you waiting for!? Get started with a free 14-day trial of CoSchedule today!


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