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Get The Ultimate Social Media Automation Tool Right In Your Favorite Editorial Calendar [Coming Soon]


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Get The Ultimate Social Media Automation Tool Right In Your Favorite Editorial Calendar

What if you could have a robot that automatically re-shared your most popular social media messages every time it found a gap in your social sharing schedule—365 days per year, 24 hours a day?

Pretty cool, right?

Well, today we’re letting the ‘robot’ out of the bag—we’re building a Social Media Automation tool for CoSchedule that will do just that.

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Of course, CoSchedule is already the best tool in the world for planning, creating, and publishing your content and social media, but we want to add another time-saving solution to your perfect content marketing workflow.

Cue, automation!

Plan, Create, Publish, and Automate in 4 Steps

When we started building CoSchedule, we knew that too many publishers were creating great content, but not promoting it enough via their social marketing channels. We called it the “one-and-done social media plan”.

Think about when you publish a new blog post for a minute—how many social media posts do you schedule and share when your content goes live? Do you ever go back to re-promote your hard created content? If not, it’s a missed opportunity for traffic and ROI. Social automation will make sure that never happens again.

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The automation feature that we’re working on will allow you to reuse all of the social media messages created in your social queue—for as along as you’d like.

In a nutshell, we’ll automatically re-share and re-promote your best social messages whenever we find gaps in your schedule. We’ll make sure your social presence stays consistent, and that your social profiles get the engagement they deserve.

How Your Social Automation Tool Will Work:

  1. Fill your social queue with social media messages that you want to send—just like you do now.
  2. Turn on automation! We’ll automatically re-share those messages when we see gaps in your future social sharing schedule.
  3. Specify how long you would like your messages to be re-used and how heavily you would like your content promoted. Don’t worry, you will always have full control over your sharing frequency. (No spam!)
  4. Sit back and let us share your content for you! We’ll pick your best content and the best times to publish so that your automated messages get the most engagement for your time.

It’s literally going to be as set-it-and-forget-it as social media gets.

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A few of the things it will do:

  • Social automation will allow you to re-use your best social media messages so they don’t go to waste.
  • Social automation will help you promote your best evergreen content more than once to drive traffic and content engagement.
  • Social automation will make sure you get ROI for every message you create by using it more than once.
  • Social automation will help you run your entire marketing workflow in one handy tool.

What could be better?

It’s also important to note that we’re designing social media automation to do more than just re-promote your content. You will also be able to create stand-alone social media messages and campaigns that can be included on your automation calendar.

It’s going to be non-stop social media awesomeness, and it’s coming soon.

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"CoSchedule has allowed us to plan and stay ahead 8-12 weeks. It's the best thing we've done to get ahead of ourselves; especially with so many last minute projects popping up."

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