How Website Creation Workshop Uses Marketing Calendar To Help Coordinate Blog Posts & Social Media

Christina Hills operates the Website Creation Workshop, which helps businesses and individuals create their own websites. Christina is able to keep track of everything with CoSchedule’s Marketing Calendar.

  In this video, Christina shows how Marketing Calendar helps her coordinate everything related to her website and gives some tips on how to do it.
  • Easy Navigation
  • Automated social media posts
  • Organized tracking of all projects

Easily Navigate Throughout the Site

When it comes to marketing software, ease of use is important to save time and stress. One of Christina’s biggest praises for the Marketing Calendar is that it's easy to use. Christina can easily schedule her social media and blog posts with just a few clicks. Not to mention she can quickly find them and edit them whenever she likes. Christina particularly enjoys the control panel that includes notifications, recents, and favorites. She uses it to work on multiple projects at a time because it’s easy to switch back and forth. With Marketing Calendar, there are no guessing games. The software is easy to navigate and incredibly intuitive. Screenshot of Christina Hills marketing calendarThe marketing calendar makes it really easy to manage your whole business

Working Ahead with Automated Social Media Posts

Christina’s main use of CoSchedule’s Marketing Calendar is social media posting. With Marketing Calendar, she manages all her social media postings in one place. Christina knows that promoting her blog on social media is crucial to its success. Website Creation Workshop posts one blog post a week, which automatically has a social media campaign to go along with it. She uses Marketing Calendar to automate these processes, which saves her a ton of time and helps drive more traffic to her website. The BEST social media managing software out there Christina loves the fact that she can work ahead on social media projects without having to schedule or publish them. She can do all of her brainstorming, drafting, and publishing in Marketing Calendar. Screenshot of Christina Hill using the media aspect of the calendarCoSchedule marketing calendar makes it really easy for you to promote your blog posts, word press posts, and social media posts -Christina Hills

Keep Track Of All Projects With An Organized Interface

Christina knows how important it is to have consistency in her marketing. That is why she uses CoSchedule’s Marketing Calendar to keep track of various messages being sent out to her audience. Marketing Calendar has a clean and organized interface, which helps Christina get a simple overview of all her social media posts and blog posts. Here, she is able to see what is happening every day and can easily make changes if neededScreenshot of Christina Hills using the calendar to organize messages "It's a fabulous software and it's really intuitive" - Christina Hill Finally- see, schedule, & share all of your marketing in one place. Sign up for CoSchedule’s Free Marketing Calendar here. For more tips, ideas, and examples for using CoSchedule’s Marketing Calendar, check out our User Guides &  Power Tips library.
About the Author

Soren Beckstrom is a student at Concordia College where he is pursuing a degree in Marketing and Management. Soren works as a Product Marketing Specialist at CoSchedule.