CoSchedule Becomes VIP Technology Partner VIP and CoSchedule: Technology Partner

Execute Your Enterprise Content Marketing Strategy With Ease

Some of you have asked us if we would integrate with VIP. It's now a reality. VIP is the leading WordPress solution for enterprises. It's essentially an all-in-one package for hosting and support to help large brands rock with WordPress. CoSchedule will join the ranks of Facebook, Getty Images, and Chartbeat as one of only 22 technology partners for VIP users. Technology partners like CoSchedule provide advanced integrations and partnerships to expand the capabilities of the core WordPress content management system. As a technology partner, CoSchedule will provide the content marketing editorial calendar that combines blogging, social media, team workflow, and content marketing in a single tool. So, what does all of this mean?

CoSchedule is available for VIP! Content marketing for enterprises just got easier.

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There is now a customized version of CoSchedule that integrates seamlessly with VIP. These special features extend beyond the traditional CoSchedule editorial calendar to help VIP users plan great content while saving a lot of time. Here's what you can expect from CoSchedule for VIP:

1. Use The Team Roles That Work For Your Business

Every organization is different. You have your own unique names for the roles your team fills to execute your content marketing strategy. WordPress VIP customizable team roles And every one of those roles has very specific responsibilities. Customize everyone’s role on your team to give them the permissions they need for their specific responsibilities. Help them use the features they need to do their work, and hide the ones that get in their way. You can even help certain team members only communicate with a few people. So if you have multiple departments or regions, there's a lot less confusion from too many conversations. This core ability will help your entire team communicate more clearly, focus the team on accomplishing their tasks, and gives you more security in your processes.

2. Customize Your Business' Social Media Permissions For Advanced Security

Sharing your content on social media can help you grow your traffic. Doing it right can help you grow traffic by 31.5 times within a day of a post publishing. But you may not need every team member to have access to all of your business' social media accounts. So give certain members of your team the rights to use specific social media profiles while restricting others' access. WordPress VIP custom social media permissions When would this be extremely useful? Imagine teams in different countries managing different social accounts from the same blog. Or possibly different departments that each run separate social media accounts. You get help your team focus on their own social media projects and protect them from accidentally sharing content with the wrong accounts.

3. Help Your Team Share Content With Their Private Social Profiles

When your team creates content they're proud of, they'll want to share it with their personal fans, followers, and friends. WordPress VIP social media security and private profiles Your team can rock at social media with private social profiles and share your content with the best social sharing schedule that will get you even more traffic. These accounts will never be accessible by other team members.

4. Know Who Published And Shared Your Content For Better Accountability

Sometime, you may just have to know who published what. It's really helpful to have a full history log to know who modified your blog and social media content. WordPress VIP security and access logs Imagine if someone sent an erroneous social media message. Now you'll know exactly who did it.

5. Get The Support You Need So You Can Focus Your Time On What Matters

When your team spends time trouble-shooting, that's time they don't spend executing your content marketing strategy. Get the priority level support you need for any questions you have. Your support includes setup assistance, and full support for your entire experience with CoSchedule. Never hesitate to reach out for an extra hand from the people who made the tool you're using.

6. Get A Lot More Traffic From Social Media

...and make it worth your time. WordPress VIP social media scheduling Your team can schedule social media messages even before your content publishes. By combining social media scheduling with blogging, your team stays on the same page, plans ahead, and saves a ton of time from not having to use multiple tools. That means your team can move faster, be more productive, and work together in the same tool to see what everyone is working on.

7. Make Your Workflow Finally Work For You

Even if your current workflow isn't going that well right now, it may not be that it's wrong for your organization. It's totally possible that you just aren't using the right tool to make your workflow work for your team. WordPress VIP customizable content marketing workflow You just need a tool that helps you build your own task templates, name those tasks, and assign them to the right custom roles for  your team. And if you need to move things around on your calendar, the due dates for your tasks should move accordingly. That helps you work smarter, not harder.

8. Prove (And Improve) Your Content Simply By Knowing What's Working

You already know creating content just to create content won't help you achieve your strategic goals. You need to know how your content performs to prove your ROI and learn from what you created. WordPress VIP social media analytics A great way to know how your content is performing is through your social media shares. This is a great measurement for success because:
  1. People read what they know is popular.
  2. People share what they know is popular.
  3. People subscribe to what they know is popular.
Use your social media analytics to prove your success and improve your future content.

9. Use Your Editorial Calendar How It Works Best For You

Everyone on your team fills different roles. Therefore, it makes sense that they'd all use an editorial calendar like CoSchedule differently. WordPress VIP custom dashboards Every member of your team can choose how to use CoSchedule (and they can mix and match their preferences at any time). Your team can use CoSchedule:
  1. Right in the post-edit screen in WordPress as they actually write your blog content.
  2. As a plugin in WordPress.
  3. As a standalone Web app.
That makes the switch to a new editorial calendar easier since everyone can choose how they'll use the tool—but you'll all be using the same tool.

10. Get The Security 3,000 Content Marketers Rely On

Your IT department explores every marketing tool you use. They'll love CoSchedule since it uses the same security technology most banks use to protect your information. And our up time is impeccable. Just check out our status log whenever you'd like to see stats on our up times.
  • We will always report our up-time status clearly.
  • We strive for—and achieve—99.9% up time.
  • We have a full-time team dedicated to technical and front-end support.
You'll always have access to at least two support techs during regular business hours, and at least one support tech is on call 24 hours a day. As a VIP user, you'll get your own priority support, too. And that means your requests will always be at the top of our to-do list.

Plan Awesome Content And Save A Ton Of Time

You put a ton of time into planning the perfect content marketing strategy. You need an editorial calendar that will help you execute your strategy perfectly. CoSchedule and VIP will make your strategy a reality.

I'm excited CoSchedule integrates with VIP: an editorial calendar for enterprises.

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