How To Create A Marketing Strategy That Will Skyrocket Your Results By 9,360%

Chapter 2:

How To Track And Measure Your Marketing Goals And ROI

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How To Track And Measure Your

Marketing Goals And ROI

What Is Marketing Measurement?

Marketing measurement definition:

Marketing measurement is the process behind clearly connecting the results your published content produces with your marketing goal.

Marketing measurement requires tools to make this a reality: You need to connect the dots between the content you publish and the results it produces toward your goal.

And Google Analytics is one the best ways to make this happen. Set it up, and let’s get started.

Set Up Your Goal Tracking In Google Analytics

Open Google Analytics and select Admin.

Google Analytics Admin

Select Goals.

Google Analytics Goals

Create a + New Goal.

Google Analytics New Goal

Name your goal. I usually name it the metric behind the goal.

Choose your Type as Destination. This way, you’ll track a page view of a specific URL as a conversion. For example, marketing-qualified leads sign up and are directed to a specific page after they convert. So you’ll track visits to that page as conversions toward your goal to generate more leads.

Note there are other Types to choose from, so if another is better suited for your goal, you can read up on those Types here.

Hit Continue.

Google Analytics Destination

In Goal details, enter the slug of the URL, and select Begins with.

If you know the conversion always ends in a specific dollar value earned, you can assign that in the Value. For example, if every marketing-qualified lead provides $50 in revenue, assign that in Value to literally track your marketing ROI.

Save the Goal.

Google Analytics Goal Value

Awesome! Your goal is set up, so now it’s time to plan the way you’ll view the content that influences that conversion. You’ll do that with a Google Analytics Custom Report.

Track Your Goal Progress With A Google Analytics Custom Report

In Google Analytics, select Customization and then choose Custom Reports.

Google Analytics Customization

Create a + New Custom Report.

Google Analytics New Custom Report

Write a Title for your Custom Report. I usually name this the same as your goal.

In Metric Groups, search for your Goal name. Choose the Goal Completion option of your Goal.

In Dimension Drilldowns, search for Goal Previous Step – 1. This will show you the URL of the piece they saw immediately before converting.

Hit Save.

Google Analytics Custom Report

Now you will see all of the content that has generated results toward your goal. From here, you can analyze what worked (and what didn’t) so you can boost your effectiveness + efficiency.

Google Analytics Custom Report Results

Congrats! You’ve not only set a marketing goal, but now have a way to measure how the content you produce influences that metric.

Continue to Chapter 3 to learn how to do a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis that will help you plan how your content will capture your audience’s interests way better than your competition’s