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Free Calendar

For individuals looking for basic social publishing.


Free Forever

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Up to 1 user

Team collaboration features are unavailable in free Calendars.

Connect 2 Social Profiles

Connect up to 2 social profiles to schedule and publish messages.

Up to 15 Scheduled Social Messages

Free Calendar includes:

  • AI Social Assistant
    Instantly write social messages via AI that meet social network best practices.
  • 20 AI Project Templates
    Generate ideas & first-draft copy using marketer-approved, fully customizable AI prompt templates.
  • Drag & Drop Calendar
    Move projects to new publish dates to automatically reschedule projects, tasks, & social messages.
  • Best Time Social Publishing
    Best Time Scheduling publishes social messages at the best time for engagement & reach for each social network.
  • Personal Project Management
    Add personal tasks & deadlines for projects, social campaigns, & events.
  • Basic Support
    Email & Live Chat Support from CoSchedule's Support Team. Available M-F, 7:00 am - 6:00 pm CST.

Social Calendar

For individuals and teams looking for limitless social publishing.

$19 USD

Per User/Month

Billed Annually

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Up to 3 users ($19/mo each)

Collaborate in teams of up to 3 team members (priced per user).

Connect 5 Social Profiles

Connect up to 5 social profiles to schedule and publish messages.

$5/mo for each additional profile

Free Features, plus:

  • Unlimited Social Media Publishing
    Create & schedule an unlimited number of social messages.
  • AI Project Assistant
    Chat with CoSchedule's AI-bot to generate ideas, draft copy, & more!
  • 500+ AI Project Templates
    Generate ideas & first-draft copy using marketer-approved, fully customizable AI prompt templates.
  • Bulk Social Media Scheduling
    Upload & schedule bulk social messages with a CSV file import.
  • Social Media Automation
    Automate recurring promotions & reshare your best social messages.
  • Recurring Tasks & Events
    Automatically assign repeating tasks & events to your Calendar.
  • Social Analytics & Reports
    Visualize & share social performance in easy-to-understand reports.
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Content Calendar

For teams that want all of their content and social on one calendar.


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Talk To Sales

Up to 5 users

Collaborate in teams of up to 5 team members.

Connect 10 Social Profiles

Connect up to 10 social profiles to schedule and publish messages.

Additional profiles can be added

Social Features, plus:

  • Kanban Project View
    Manage work through each stage of the process with customizable Kanban Board.
  • Table View
    See, share, or sort all your projects & campaigns in a spreadsheet-style list.
  • Marketing Campaigns
    Group related projects together in a single, focused campaign timeline.
  • Custom Fields
    Create unlimited custom fields to document specific project details for more context & organization.
  • Custom Project Types
    Create & customize unique project types your team regularly completes.
  • Project & Campaign Reports
    Prove the value & productivity of your team with easy-to-export reports.
  • Guest User Access
    Guest seats for external contributors, vendors, or freelancers.
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Marketing Suite

For marketing teams looking to coordinate their marketing process, projects, and teams


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Talk To Sales

Custom User Limits

Invite your entire team to collaborate on your Calendar.

Custom Social Profile Limits

Connect all of your social profiles.

Content Features, plus:

  • Sub-Calendars
    Custom Calendar Views for departments, product lines, & more.
  • Approval Workflows
    Create & implement required approvals to ensure work meets brand standards.
  • Intake Request Forms
    Create shareable project intake forms to field & prioritize incoming requests.
  • Team Management Dashboard
    Easily review, delegate, & assign work to effectively manage your team's priorities.
  • Digital Asset Management
    Store, index, & share your content to maintain control over brand assets.
  • Advanced Audience Targeting For Social Publishing
    Send Facebook & LinkedIn messages to specific user groups based on geographical & demographic parameters.
  • Custom Permissions
    Customize publishing, project, & dashboard access per user.
  • Manager Visibility & Reporting
    Review updates on employee productivity to demonstrate hiring needs & eliminate blockers.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
    Log in with your SSO credentials. No need to memorize passwords.
  • Dedicated Account Manager
    Get personalized onboarding, training, & support from your CoSchedule expert.
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Complete Feature List

Free Calendar product icon
Free Calendar
Free Calendar product icon
Social Calendar
Free Calendar product icon
Content Calendar
Free Calendar product icon
Marketing Suite
Billed Annually Save 20%
$0$19 per user/monthCallCall
Billed Monthly $0$29 per user/month
Maximum Users
The maximum number of users per account.
Limit 1 userLimit 3 UsersLimit 5 usersCustom User Limits
iOS and Android Apps
Review tasks & schedule social messages anywhere via the mobile app.
Unlimited Free Viewers
Free Viewers have read-only access via link-sharing & cannot make changes or edit.
Drag and Drop Content Calendar
Adjust timelines for projects, tasks, & social messages with drag & drop rescheduling.
Customizable Color Coding
Visually categorize content on your calendar using color labels for departments, teams, products, & more.
Project Tag Management
Use tags to label & organize related posts, messages, & projects together.
Filtered & Saved Calendars
Create saved calendars for email, social, sales projects, & other segmented views.
Custom Project Types
Add custom project types for any content or projects your team creates.
Custom Fields
Add specific metadata & details to projects (examples include, project deadlines, quantity, URL, budget, & more).
Marketing Campaigns
See campaign timelines on your Calendar. Campaigns group all camapign-specific projects in a focused Calendar View.
Kanban Dashboard
Manage work through every stage of the process using a customizable Kanban View.
Table View
See all your scheduled & unscheduled projects in a scannable spreadsheet-style list.
Custom Sub-Calendars
Pre-built calendar views for specific color labels.
Social Media Management
Social Calendar
Plan & execute your perfect social publishing schedule in one calendar view.
Social Sync
Syncs messages published outside your CoSchedule Calendar.
Social Profiles
Connect your social profiles to create, schedule, & publish mesages.
Connect 2 Social ProfilesConnect 5 Social Profiles$5/mo for each additional profileConnect 10 Social ProfilesAdditional profiles can be addedCustom Social Profile Limits
Social Message Limits
This includes the number of messages you can schedule & publish via your Calendar at one time.
Up to 15UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Social Campaigns
Create social campaigns to view all the social messages that promote events, new content, & more.
Best Time Scheduling
Automatically publish messages at the best time for engagement across each social platform.
AI Social Assistant
AI-powered social message writer. Writes messages for you (so you don't have to).
Social Message Optimizer
Optimize social messages for each network to maximize engagement.
Reusable Social Templates
Create reusable social sharing schedules to promote new blog posts, podcasts, & more.
Social Media Analytics & Reports
Available for Facebook, Instagram Business Accounts, Twitter, & LinkedIn Pages.
Social Media Automation - ReQueue
Automatically fill gaps in your social schedule with top messages or automate promotions with ReQueue.
Bulk Social Media Scheduling
Add up to 365 social messages to your Calendar at once using Bulk Import.
Advanced Audience Targeting
Send Facebook & LinkedIn messages to specific user groups based on geographical & demographic parameters.
Social Publishing
Bluesky NEW
Publish to Accounts.
Facebook Posts
Publish to Pages.
Facebook Reels
Publish to Pages.
Google Business Profiles NEW
Publish to Google Business Profiles.
Instagram Posts
Publish to Personal, Creator, and Business Accounts.
Instagram Reels
Publish to Creator and Business Accounts.
Instagram Stories
Publish to Creator and Business Accounts.
Publish to Profiles, Pages, and Showcase Pages.
Mastodon NEW
Publish to Profiles.
Publish to Boards.
Publish to Personal and Business Accounts.
Publish to Profiles.
YouTube Shorts NEW
Publish YouTube Shorts.
Content Marketing
Email Subject Line Tester
Plan & execute your perfect social publishing schedule in one calendar view.
Headline Studio Integration
Get suggestions to improve & optimize your headlines.
Content Ideation - AI Project Assistant
Use AI Project Assistant to instantly generate project ideas.
Content Creation - AI Project Assistant
Use AI Project Assistant to draft first-draft copy in seconds.
AI Prompt Templates
Generate ideas & first-draft copy using marketer-approved, fully customizable AI prompt templates.
Includes 20Includes 500+Includes 500+Includes 500+
Project Intake Request Forms
Create custom project intake forms to make it easy for others to request work.
Marketing Work Management
Marketing Projects
Use Projects to organize your drafts, files, tasks, & more.
Personal Tasks
Assign tasks with due dates to keep work on track.
Project Attachments
Attach images, videos, files, social campaigns, & other assets to your project.
Recurring Task Automation
Automatically add recurring tasks to your Calendar.
Recurring Event Automation
Automatically add recurring events to your Calendar.
Reusable Task Templates
Create reusable task templates to standardize your team's workflows.
Discussions & Team Collaboration
Add comments to collaborate with your team. Add feedback, context, & more.
Project & Task Contributors
Keep project contributors up to date with progress via notifications.
Project Observer Views
Share real-time updates via read-only views. Observer Views give visibility without access to make changes.
Reusable Project Templates
Add projects in seconds. Create project templates to standardize required details like project owners, tasks, attachments, custom fields, & more.
Reusable Campaign Templates
Add new campaigns to your Calendar in seconds to get work into production quickly.
Approval Workflows
Add required approvals to your team's workflows, so everyone knows what tasks need approval & when.
Team Management Dashboard
Dashboard to review & delegate priority projects and tasks for your entire team.
Team Performance Report
Run reports to visualize your team’s productivity & output.
Digital Asset Management
File Storage
1TB of storage. Need more? Talk to Sales.
Asset Storage
Store all your brand assets, photos, videos, logos, & more in Asset Organizer.
LimitedLimitedLimited20GB - 1TB
File Preview
Preview files before opening them.
File Types
Supports all major file types for video, image, & design files.
Google Drive Integration
Integrate with Google Drive to access files you need fast.
Dropbox Integration
Integrate with your current Dropbox account to access files you need fast.
OneDrive Integration
Integrate with your current OneDrive account to access files you need fast.
Version History
Get historical record of all past versions of a specific file or asset.
File Sharing
Easily share files & assets via sharable links.
Digital Asset Management Dashboard
Organize, store, index, & share your content in a dedicated DAM solution.
Security & Privacy
User Roles
User roles for managers, team members, freelancers, & stakeholders.
Custom Permissions
Limit & customize user access to tabs, social profiles, & other content.
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Login with Service Provider Initiated SAML Account. No passwords required.
Security & Access Logs
Track all changes inside of CoSchedule with security & access logs.
Support & Training
Basic Support
Email & Live Chat Support from CoSchedule's Support Team. Available M-F, 7:00 am - 6:00 pm CST.
Self-Serve Knowledge Base & Guides
Access CoSchedule's comprehensive user guides, video tutorials, & more.
Priority Support
Email response within 90 minutes.
Calendar Setup + Onboarding
Personalized one-hour training session so that you’re setup to be successful
Dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM)
Receive personalized support from a CoSchedule expert.
Actionable Marketing Institute $50 per month/team$100 per month/team$100 per month/team
Headline Studio Pro
Get Headline Studio Pro to unlock SEO tools, AI, & more.
 Get Started FreeGet Started FreeTalk To SalesTalk To Sales

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes. There is a Free Calendar which is perfect for individuals or freelancers looking to organize their marketing. It’s a great place to get started with CoSchedule’s Calendar products.

  • Credit card, bank account, Apple Pay (in Safari browser), and Google Pay (in Chrome browser) payments are accepted for Social Calendar.

    We may also accept other payment types for Content Calendar or Marketing Suite plans. Check with your Salesperson for details. For more information on billing, visit our Billing FAQs support doc.

  • Yes. To make it easier for your nonprofit to organize all of your marketing with CoSchedule, we offer a 30% off discount on all our paid plans. Learn more.

  • Yes. Customers that purchase annual plans receive a discount on their Calendar at time of purchase. We also offer a Referral & Review Program.

  • To get started schedule your demo with one of our CoSchedule experts. You’ll get 1:1 time to learn about Content Calendar and Marketing Suite, and see how these products can help you coordinate your team, projects, & process.

  • Want to upgrade to Social Calendar? Visit the billing page in your account. There you can select your new plan. Once you complete the billing prompts, your account will automatically upgrade to Social Calendar to unlock your new features.

    Need a more powerful Calendar? Schedule a demo with our Sales Team to learn more about Content Calendar and Marketing Suite.

  • You can invite your team to collaborate in the same calendar in the following plans: Social Calendar, Content Calendar, and Marketing Suite. Free Calendar is only for single users.

  • If you’re using Free Calendar or Social Calendar, check out our Getting Started Guides to learn the basics of using your new calendar.

    If you’re in a Content Calendar or Marketing Suite plan, you’ll get personalized onboarding and support from a dedicated Customer Success Manager. They’ll be in touch, and they’re excited to help you and your team reach your goals.