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The Most Intelligent Way to Automate Your Social Media

ReQueue is the only social automation tool that uses data-driven intelligence to reshare your best messages to every major social network.

The Old Way

Tons of Manual Scheduling

You spend hours crafting your messages only to find them in social purgatory minutes later. You share your content on social: one time, maybe three times (if you’re lucky) and then it’s gone!

The Old Way
The New Way

Set it and Forget it Scheduling

ReQueue is the magical social media schedule that fills itself (with intelligence). The more messages you add, the more gaps CoSchedule will intelligently fill for you.

Set it and Forget it Scheduling
How It Works
How It Works
Step 1

Step 1

Schedule social messages
directly to your calendar.

Step 2

Step 2

Add your best messages to
ReQueue for reuse later on.

Step 2

Step 3

ReQueue automatically fills
gaps in your social schedule.

Eliminate manual scheduling with ReQueue.

Optional Add-On for Solo & Team Marketing Plans.
Included on our Team Pro plan.

"ReQueue allows us to consistently re-promote our best content (without all the manual work) and without being too repetitive or annoying. It intelligently finds the gaps in our schedule and re-publishes our messages at just the right time for tons of engagement and traffic back to our blog. It's awesome."

Dustin Stout
Dustin Stout

Founder, Warfare Plugins

Set it & forget it for all your social networks.

Set It and Forget It

For all your social networks

No more getting stuck in the weeds of social! Or messing with the manual AND tedious work of copy/paste. Create your messages once, add them to ReQueue, and let CoSchedule intelligently send them out at the best possible traffic times for all your social networks.

Automatically Re-Use Your Best Social Messages Automatically Re-Use Your Best Social Messages

Automatically Re-Use Your Best Social Messages

Without the manual work

ReQueue fills in the gaps of your daily schedule (with intelligence), not manual guesses! It takes into account your entire social schedule, uses Best Time scheduling to promote your messages at the most optimal times AND finds the gaps in your schedule (so you don’t have to).

Get More Mileage Out of Your Messages

The average lifespan of a single social message is mere minutes, so why are you only sharing it once? Craft your messages, add them to ReQueue, and let CoSchedule re-share them at the most optimal posting frequency.

10 Times More Clicks when Using ReQueue
Fine Tune Your Promotion with Custom Groups

Fine Tune Your Promotion with Custom Groups

Create custom groups for promoting evergreen content, a major event, special contest, podcast series, or any type of social campaign you can dream up! And with tailored ReQueue settings, sending limits, and schedules, it’s as customizable or hands-free as you want!