Export Analytic Reports

Export any of your advanced reports to share with teammates and clients outside of your calendar as a PDF, CSV, or scheduled email.
Note: Exporting analytic reports as a PDF or scheduling report emails is only available in Content Calendar and Marketing Suite

Export Reports

To export a report, open the report you want to export and click Share in the top right-hand corner. Choose to export as a PDF, CSV, or schedule a report. Scheduling a report will allow you to have an email with a PDF of your report automatically sent weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Reports will be delivered on the first day of the following period (e.g. monthly reports will be delivered on the first day of the following month, and so on).


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Manage Scheduled Reports

To manage any scheduled export, go to Settings > Analytics. Upload your Company Logo and add a Company Name to your report. To delete a scheduled report, hover over the report in the Scheduled Reports section and click x. To edit, click the Pencil icon or Add New Email.

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