Social Campaign Report

Use the Social Campaign Report to track the performance of social messages scheduled within a Social Campaign. Get access to metrics that can help you analyze trends and even compare one Social Campaign to another to see which one worked best for you. The types of social profiles supported in this report are Facebook Pages and Groups, Twitter, Instagram Business, and LinkedIn Company Pages.
Note: Social Campaign Reports are only available in Social Calendar, Content Calendar, and Marketing Suite.

To view your Social Campaign Report, open Analytics from the sidebar menu then choose Social Campaign Report. To view the stats for a specific project or campaign, click Choose a marketing campaign or project. To compare a social campaign with another, click Add a marketing campaign or content to compare.
Comparing two campaigns will give a quick snapshot of engagement and display which campaign performed the best. The Social Campaign Report will give an entire breakdown of the stats below for the attached campaigns. CoSchedule offers information from Social Profiles for the networks whose engagement we track:
  • Facebook Pages (Number of Likes, Comments & Shares per Social Profile)
  • Twitter (Number of Likes, Replies & Retweets per Social Profile)
  • Instagram Business (Number of Likes & Comments per Social Profile)
  • LinkedIn Company Page (Number of Likes, Comments & Clicks per Social Profile)

Engagement Rollup

In this section, view the average engagement, total engagement, messages sent, and top message type for your social campaign. * engagement rate is found by taking the total number of engagements divided by total number of messages sent. Engagement Growth Review the number of social messages you publish along with the number of engagement over the course of your campaign.

Engagement Rate Roadmap

Identify trends within your campaign using engagement rate trend lines for each social network.

Engagement Timeline

View the number of likes, comments, and shares per social network inside of your social campaign.

Engagement by Interaction

Get a breakdown of social engagements (likes, comments, shares) for each social network plus insight into your top performing social channel.

Account Performance

Get an engagement breakdown for every social profile used through your campaign.

Top Messages

View the social messages with the most engagement over the duration of your campaign.

Shares Across The Web

Track the number of times your campaign URL has been shared on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.
Note: Export and share any report with your team or client.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate engagement rate?

In our reporting, the social engagement rate is calculated by the total number of engagements (likes, comments, shares) divided by the total number of messages sent.

How do you define engagement?

CoSchedule defines "engagement" for social networks as follows:
  • Facebook Pages & Groups: number of likes, comments, and shares for each Facebook social profile

  • Twitter: number of likes, replies, and retweets for each Twitter social profile

  • LinkedIn Company Page: number of likes, comments, and clicks for each LinkedIn social profile

  • Instagram Business: number of likes and comments for each Instagram social profile

How far back can I pull data?

A rolling 13 months. Back To Top

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