Manage Your Idea Board

The Idea Board is designed to give you a place to plan, prioritize, and store your best content marketing ideas and projects - before they get scheduled on your Marketing Calendar.
Note: The Idea Board is only available in Content Calendar and Marketing Suite.

Manage the Idea Board

1. To access the idea board, click on Idea in the left side menu. 2. Ideas can be grouped by Color Label, Status, or Type. To change the grouping, click on Display Settings from the top menu.

3. Drag-and-drop any project to a new column to change its attributes or move it to the top of any column to give it more priority.

4. To schedule any Idea on your calendar, drag the idea to the top-right corner or manually schedule it inside of the project.

5. To delete any Idea on your calendar, drag the idea to the bottom-right corner.

6. Access your Ideas from the calendar view inside of the Idea Bin.

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Create a New Idea

  1. Begin on your Ideas Page.
  2. Click Create or + in a column to create an Idea with the given attributes.
  3. All projects will have the same functionality as if they were scheduled on the calendar, except they will not have a scheduled date.
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Work With Custom Ideas Statuses

Custom idea statuses will allow you to create custom workflows for your editorial process. 1. To create a new custom Idea status, open Settings   2. Click Statuses 3. Under the Ideas section, click Add Custom Ideas Status 4. Create a name for your status and type 5. Click Add and the status will now be listed inside all of your Ideas

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Manage Saved Idea Views

To create a new saved idea view:
  1. Toggle down the Saved Views
  2. Click Create New View
When creating new saved idea views, you can customize the views based on different use cases and types. Below are some examples.

By Status

Create an editorial process using custom statuses. Having a full understanding of where you're at with each post, will allow you to prioritize what post you need to work on.

By Color Labels

Sort your projects by campaigns, internal teams, clients, or content themes.

By Project Type

Visually keep track of all of your content that is currently being created. Back To Top

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