The Best Formula For 10x Marketing Growth Is Here

The Best Formula For 10X Marketing Growth Is Officially Here The dream of content marketing is that it’s going to be a magical funnel that drips money into your bank account. Its lure is that it will create an inbound sales machine. But what should you do when it doesn’t work like that? Or even at all? That’s the question the 10x Marketing Formula answers step-by-step. It’s a formula that will show you exactly what to do (and how to do it) to achieve tenfold marketing results. This means the return you can expect will be ten times over what you put in. It’s the exact formula we used to grow CoSchedule from zeroes across the board to:
  • 1.3M+ monthly pageviews,
  • 250k+ email subscribers,
  • and thousands of customers in 100 countries... just 4 years. So don’t wait around reading a blog post… Pick up a copy right now. 10x Marketing Formula available now

The Best Formula For 10x Marketing Growth Is Here

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When you do, you’ll find out why Jay Baer calls it: “A powerful formula for marketing success; thoroughly modern and proven to succeed. This is a book for marketers that want to win.” You will learn to overcome a lack of time, struggling to produce content, an inability to engage your audience, and so many more marketing roadblocks. If you think marketing success belongs only to elite geniuses or those with huge budgets, think again—10x marketers achieve 10x growth regardless of their limitations. This book is about finding the strategic shortcuts to get you there fast. It’s about short-circuiting the path to jaw-dropping growth. You have to find your own way—and 10x Marketing Formula is that path. Michael Hyatt says: “Garrett Moon is one of my favorites to follow because he combines the edge of a fearless startup CEO with the savvy of a marketer who's scaled a successful business. The 10x Marketing Formula challenges you to rethink your goals and definitions of success and, more importantly, how you employ strategic shortcuts to achieve them.” So, if you’re ready to look like a marketing genius and revolutionize your results (and mindset), you’ve just found your path.

Ready to be a marketing genius and revolutionize your results? Read The 10X Marketing Formula from @CoSchedule CEO @garrett_moon

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What’s In The 10x Marketing Formula?

This book’s title tips off the premise: we’re after 10x marketing results. This means the return we expect, and are resolved to achieve, is ten times over what we put in. We aren’t looking for 10 percent year-over-year growth; we’re laser-focused on blowing the roof off last year’s, last month’s, and last week’s numbers. To do this requires a mindset shift. You can’t expect 10x results from copying everyone else. What worked for someone else isn’t a guarantee to work for you. "You can't expect 10X results This means drafting a binder full of charts and best guesses and calling it a marketing plan is doomed to fail. It’s too crowded and the world moves too fast for “copycat marketing.” One of the surest paths to growth is by creating the kind of content that stands out and gets results. While the book is a comprehensive guide to building an entire marketing program, I want to share a sample of what brilliant content marketing looks like using just a few of the frameworks from 10x Marketing Formula. Check them out in the infographic below. The 10X Marketing Formula: Your Recipe For Massive Marketing Success Now that you have the recipe for content marketing success, let's talk about what the rest of the formula looks like. 10x Marketing Formula presents four phases to marketing mastery: planning, execution, publishing, and analysis. It isn’t simply a variant of a marketing to-do list, it’s a set of frameworks that will work in any context—regardless of your limitations Marcus Sheridan, Author of They Ask, You Answer, says: “Often, books like this are a disappointment. They're long on ideas, short on actionability. This is not one of those books. Garrett Moon delivers on the promise of providing a blueprint for the most differentiating and results-driven content marketing of your career." Here’s an overview of the formula. The Four Phases of 10X Growth

Phase One: Plan

In the first phase, you’ll learn how to create content so good, so powerful, and so effective it’ll make your competition look like they didn’t even try. Even better, your content will produce revenue by perfectly marrying your business value and customer needs. This happens with a framework I call the content core. You will also find an exclusive interview with Noah Kagan, Chief Sumo of Sumo Group, where we go deep on marketing for growth. Phase one is about dialing in your content to drive tons of traffic and increase conversions. Noah says about the book: "If you think you have to be in Silicon Valley to grow a startup, think again. Garrett has done an impressive job from NORTH DAKOTA in growing a successful company. Enjoy seeing the exact marketing methodology he used to do it!"

Phase Two: Execute

Is your team really producing all its capable of? Or is there more output and productivity yet to be realized? If so, phase two will turn the ship around immediately. It’s all about how to get shit done—especially as a marketing team. You will learn to brainstorm the best project ideas of your career, rapidly execute them, and dramatically increase your team’s output. From developing a content scorecard to publish the best content you’re capable of to a dead-simple way to create efficient workflows… Phase two skyrockets productivity. It also includes exclusive interviews with Pat Flynn, Jeff Goins, and Brian Dean on creating the best damn content on the Internet. And how to lift the best principles from agile software methodologies for marketing teams with Andrea Fryrear. Phase two will dramatically elevate your team’s output, help you generate (and magically prioritize) 10x ideas, and focus relentlessly on your most important growth metrics. Here’s what Jeff Goins, Best-Selling Author of The Art of Work and Real Artists Don’t Starve, had to say: “The 10x Marketing Formula is fantastic. No fluff or theory. Real-life practical experience based on what really works. I’m a fan of Coschedule, and I love what Garrett Moon has put together here. It’s a must-read for anyone who wants their content to spread.” "The 10X Marketing Formula is fantastic." And Brian Dean, founder of Backlinko, says: “Want a guide to creating effective content that's overflowing with actionable tips? Look no further than The 10x Marketing Formula. Unlike most books in this space, it's written by a guy that's actually done it. Highly recommended."

Phase Three: Publish

Ann Handley, WSJ Bestselling Author of Everybody Writes and Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs, says the book is, "A clear-eyed, real-world, no-bunk look at what it takes to make your content marketing program deliver in spades." And phase three is where your content marketing will flourish. It’s time to overhaul your social promotion strategy, build a massive email list, and operate as a lean, hyper-efficient marketing machine. You’ll also get fresh insights from Ash Maurya and John T. Meyer in more exclusive interviews. Ash, author and creator of Lean Canvas, kindly says of the book: “Garrett Moon combines the edge of a fearless startup CEO with the savvy of a marketer who's scaled a successful business. The 10x Marketing Formula delivers all that and more while showing you how to do the same." "Garrett Moon combines the edge of a fearless startup CEO ..." In phase three, you will learn to ship the most impactful projects and then promote them with frameworks for social media and email. Premier Facebook Marketing Expert & Social Media Thought Leader Mari Smith says, "Most marketers today struggle to get measurable reach, engagement, traffic and sales from their marketing efforts. Savvy marketers know it takes a fresh new approach to get real results. Garrett Moon is one of those savvy marketers! In his new book, The 10x Marketing Formula, he shares the exact steps to creating memorable content marketing that actually grows your business. Read, apply and watch your results soar!"

Phase Four: Analyze

Joanna Wiebe is the OG conversion copywriter and the cofounder of Copy Hackers and Airstory. When it comes to why people click, try, and buy, she knows what’s up. That’s why I interviewed her about conversion psychology in phase four, where it’s all about analyzing and optimizing your results. Joanna says: “Growth no longer goes to the biggest. It goes to the scrappiest. It goes to the content hackers who find strategic shortcuts. Who's gonna own the future? The marketing teams who embrace this blueprint and learn to think like the agile, lean teams outlined in this book." "Growth no longer goes to the biggest." You see, 10x marketing results is about way more than the right tools or tactics. It’s about driving growth with incredible focus (using the “One Metric That Matters” framework) and learning to write irresistible CTAs and CTVs (calls-to-value). Learn to convert traffic into prospects, leads, and customers in the formula’s final phase. In phase four, you will learn to convert traffic and cut through the clutter of irrelevant data so you can measure what matters most. Ian Cleary, Founder of RazorSocial and Co-Founder of OutreachPlus, says: “The difference between a content marketer and a really successful one is the 10x approach that Garrett has outlined in this book. If you want to make a giant leap forward in your content marketing this is a must read.”

It’s Here, And So Are Your Results

The 10x Marketing Formula is officially available for you… I recommend you start immediately. Why am I so confident it will work for you? Well, like Pat Flynn, founder and CEO of Smart Passive Income, says: “The 10x Marketing Formula is the real deal. But what I love is that this isn't theory—it's experience! Garrett Moon and the team he's built at CoSchedule have actually done what he's teaching, and now you can too.” "The 10X Marketing Formula is the real deal." The 10x Marketing Formula goes beyond copy/paste marketing tactics, and cuts to the heart of how great marketers move people from “visitor” to “customer” thousands of times over. If you want more:
  • Traffic… you will learn to 10x what you’re driving today…
  • Qualified leads… you will learn how to nurture and convert users at each stage of your funnel…
  • Email subscribers… you will learn how to build an monetize a massive list…
  • Social media traction… you will learn to promote with savvy Smart-O-Mation, visual storytelling, and saving huge amounts of time while increasing results…
  • Marketing growth… you will learn to focus on results over tactics and make your marketing work.
In all, I want you to pick up the book because I believe deeply in every facet of this formula. It will change your marketing, your mindset, and even your leadership. As Robert Rose, Chief Strategy Officer at Content Marketing Institute and co-author of Killing Marketing, says: “It’s not hyperbole. This is a proven approach written by someone who’s actually done it. If you’re looking for a refreshing, and real, guide to making your marketing 10x better—this is it.” I get it. You’re in the trenches. You face the noisiest, most crowded marketing space in history. Joe Pulizzi, Founder of Content Marketing Institute, describes what today’s marketers are up against this way: “Today, most companies do some form of content marketing. Unfortunately, most are failing. It doesn't have to be that way. This book will not only get you facing the right direction, but will give you the insight to truly differentiate your company from the competition. There are no more excuses." Well, you heard it from the man himself: no more excuses. It’s time to 10x your results (and revenue). It’s time for you to become a 10x Marketer. I’m excited for you and what lies ahead. 10x Marketing Formula available now

The 10X Marketing Formula from @CoSchedule CEO @garrett_moon is out now! Here's what leading #marketers have to say ...

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