Travel Advisor Shows How To Coordinate Social Media Campaigns Using Marketing Calendar

Photo of Shayne Seymour Between managing multiple social media pages, a website, a blog, a podcast show, and a YouTube channel… Shayne Seymour has a lot on his plate. Shayne is a travel advisor with Creating Magic Vacations, and he uses CoSchedule’s Marketing Calendar to coordinate everything. Shayne shares a few tips and tricks when using Marketing Calendar as a social media tool.
  • How to stay organized on social media
  • How to use certain features
  • How to create a social campaign

How to Stay Organized on Social Media

Shayne uses Marketing Calendar to set up his social media sharing campaigns and blog posts. Organized Interface: When he first enters Marketing Calendar, Shayne is given an overview of all scheduled social media and blog posts. This makes it easy for him to stay organized and keep track of everything happening. Screenshot of Shayne's CoSchedule usage for social media campaigns Drip Campaign Outline: When creating social media campaigns, Shayne has a drip campaign outline already there for him. This way, he can coordinate the direction of the campaign before posting. (see picture below) Task Bar: Shayne has a taskbar on the right-hand side of the screen where he can create a list of unique tasks for this campaign. Screenshot of Shayne's CoSchedule tasks and campaign plan

How to Use These Valuable Features

The social media features that Marketing Calendar offers have benefited Shayne greatly. Automated Social Campaigns: When creating a social campaign for a blog post, Shayne can insert the URL, and Marketing Calendar will automatically collect data to create the social messages for him. Social Templates are easy-to-use templates for creating reusable social plans to promote content, events, and more. Shayne uses Social Templates that he has already set up, which means he has a proven plan for his social messages. This saves him a lot of time because much of the work is already done. To learn more about Social Templates, click <here. Shayne's social media template for multi platform posting Multi-platform posting means that you can post to multiple social media platforms at once. Shayne uses this to post on all of his social accounts. He saves a lot of time by doing this instead of posting on each social media platform individually.

How to Create a Social Campaign

The main point of Shayne’s video is to show people how to set up a social media campaign. Here is a step-by-step guide to creating a social campaign:
  1. Click create and select social –> social campaign
  2. Name your campaign something recognizable to that topic.Shayne names his campaigns based on which channel they will be coming from + the episode number. (ATTS11)
  3. An outline will pop up, and you will first want to enter the link if you are referencing a blog post. Marketing Calendar will automatically create content for your posts based on what’s included in the blog post.
  4. Select a template if you have one.Shayne has already created templates that make it easy for him to set up his social campaign.
  5. From here, you will get options to enter text and media into your social posts.
  6. Click on any of the posts to edit content, publishing date/time, configure ReQueue, and get a preview of your post.
Stay on top of your social media campaigns with Marketing Calendar. Sign up for CoSchedule’s Free Marketing Calendar here. For more tips, ideas, and examples for using CoSchedule’s Marketing Calendar, check out our User Guides &  Power Tips library.
About the Author

Soren Beckstrom is a student at Concordia College where he is pursuing a degree in Marketing and Management. Soren works as a Product Marketing Specialist at CoSchedule.