Getting Started With CoSchedule for Marketing Team Members

Before You Get Started… Take a sneak peek at the four lessons that will help new users of CoSchedule learn why their team is using CoSchedule and how to utilize it to solve common marketing problems.  To help you learn your way, this lesson is also available as:  Choose which format fits your learning style, and start learning the ins and outs of CoSchedule Marketing Suite. 

How CoSchedule Saves Marketing Teams 8+ Hours/Week

CoSchedule is going to help you spend less time doing the unproductive parts of your job.  Stop wasting time in unnecessary meetings, missing important deadlines, dealing with unpleasant fire drills, and more.  Navigating the CoSchedule Marketing Calendar For Team Members Work through navigating your calendar checklist to quickly understand how to use your CoSchedule Marketing Calendar, so you can feel comfortable getting your work done in the tool.

Navigating the CoSchedule Marketing Calendar For Team Members

Learn how you can use CoSchedule Marketing Suite to manage your daily tasks and projects.  The calendar and home dashboard are the primary views in CoSchedule so it is essential as a user to understand how to navigate the views.  First, take a look at the Calendar View…
  1. Hamburger Menu: Find the basics like calendar settings, email preferences, and profile information. 
  2. Breadcrumb Navigation - tools: Quickly navigate to different features of CoSchedule Marketing Suite.
  3. Breadcrumb Navigation - saved views: Choose specific views of your calendar to filter out unnecessary information.
  4. Filtering: Organize your Saved Views your way using filters by adding & customizing your filter settings.
  5. Display settings: Easily choose how far out you want to view your projects and declutter your calendar by hiding items you don’t need to see.
  6. Read-only sharing: Once you save your new view, you can create a read-only link and share your work with your team.
  7. Date navigation: Choose specific months/years or navigate forward/backward through your calendar.  
  8. Search: Find past or future marketing projects on your calendar using keywords.
  9. Create: Add projects to your calendar like new blog posts, social media messages, and newsletters.
  10. Ideas: The ideas bin is where all project ideas live. When the project is ready to be scheduled, it can be dragged to the calendar.
  11. Support center & notifications: Use the question mark icon to get best practice advice or message the CoSchedule support desk. Use the bell icon to see notifications, recent projects, and favorites.
  12. Create a project on a specific date: Know the date you want to schedule a project? Add items to specific days using the plus sign on a date.

The Home Dashboard

  1. My upcoming list: Find a list of all your daily priorities.
  2. Add task: Quickly add a task to your to-do list. 
  3. Notifications: Find items that need your attention like new CoSchedule Marketing Suite functionality announcements or new discussions with team members.
  4. Recent: A list of all the projects you’ve recently been working on. This makes it quick to jump in where you left off.
  5. Favorites: A list of all the projects you’ve marked as your favorites. 

How Marketing Teams Can Plan Their Work in CoSchedule Marketing Calendar

Walkthrough how users of CoSchedule can use Marketing Suite to manage their daily tasks and projects.  Continue to work through the checklist to get comfortable with CoSchedule Marketing Calendar in your day-to-day work.  Learn how to create and customize CoSchedule activities like Marketing Projects and Marketing Campaigns. You will also learn how to utilize discussions within CoSchedule Marketing Suite to save time, and get more done. 

Make Your CoSchedule Calendar Work For You

Customize your CoSchedule Marketing Calendar to make it fit your everyday needs.  Marketing Campaigns are more lengthy but make big daunting campaigns seem more manageable, organized, and clear. When you utilize Marketing Campaigns you will be able to get more done, because everything is located in one place. You will save time by using Marketing Suite features like discussions and tasks.  The guide also covers Saved Views. A Saved View offers a way to filter your calendar to see only certain projects. 
  • Social messages
  • Blog posts
  • Individual departments
  • Newsletters 
To navigate to a saved view, click the saved view option in your main calendar navigation.
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Megan Fletcher is a Product Marketing Intern at CoSchedule. She uses her writing skills to create marketing resources and promote CoSchedule’s family of marketing products. Outside of work Megan can be found coaching gymnastics or hanging out with friends and family.