How CoSchedule Saves Marketing Teams 8 Hours/Week

How CoSchedule Saves Marketing Teams 8 Hours/Week

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How CoSchedule Saves Marketing Teams 8 hours a week

If you’ve just started using CoSchedule you’re likely thinking things like… 👇

What is CoSchedule Graphic

We’re gonna try to address all your questions in this post so you feel confident making the switch to CoSchedule.

Why Would My Team Use CoSchedule?

The short answer? 

CoSchedule helps you spend less time on the unproductive parts of your job that you hate.

The Short Answer Graphic

The long answer?

More is being expected of you recently — more marketing materials, more graphics, more ads, more blog posts, more everything. Problem is, your organization isn’t adding more marketing staff.

So what’s that mean?

Simple. You’ve got to do more work in the same amount of time. But how does that happen?

Well, that’s less simple.

You essentially have two choices:

1. Reprioritize your work schedule to handle the new tasks.


2. Stay late.

CoSchedule is here to make sure you fall into the first category.

Here’s how: The reality is you’re wasting far too much time on non-productive things like meetings, emails, gathering data and dealing with spreadsheets.

Let’s compare your time at work to a pie chart. You only have 40 (ish) hours to work with. With CoSchedule, you can spend less time on unproductive things so you have more time to actually work.

You’re not adding more hours to your work schedule (i.e. staying late),  you’re just spending less time on the parts of your job that make you want to rip your hair out.

CoSchedule time savings pie chart

The average worker using CoSchedule has decreased their time spent in meetings and on unproductive tasks by 18%.

You have an extra day to focus on work graphic

How Can CoSchedule Help Me?

You’re likely thinking right now that adding another tool to your job is the last thing you want to do.

But the truth is, CoSchedule is going replace quite a few of your existing tools and make your job a lot easier. Here are the four main ways CoSchedule improves your job:

4 main things coschedule is going to save for you graphic

Let’s Put an End to Last Minute Fire Drills, Shall we?

CoSchedule puts an end to fire drills in two ways –

1. CoSchedule clarifies workflows and project to-do lists. Everyone’s tasks are delivered on time. This means that projects won’t get dropped on you to deliver last-minute graphics or social media messages because someone else didn’t get their part done on time.

2. CoSchedule improves communication. With CoSchedule, changes are caught in real-time and stakeholders can be kept in the loop on progress throughout the duration of the project.

Here’s an example of how CoSchedule helps end last-minute fire drills:

The CoSchedule Home Dashboard visualizes all the tasks you have due, so everyone on your team is held accountable for their part of the project.

It also will notify you about changes and discussions happening to all your projects in real-time.

CoSchedule homepage

If you’re not familiar with the term fire drill, here’s what we mean:

Urgent changes needed graphic

Fire drills are those dreaded, unplanned, unexpected, changes to projects that shred your to-do lists, wreak havoc on your productivity, and cause you to stay late.

No more. That ends with CoSchedule.

Stop Sitting in Pointless Meetings

The average worker spends about five hours per week sitting in meetings – most of which are totally pointless.

Coschedule reduces need for status meetings graphic

Below you’ll see what a project looks like in CoSchedule. You can see all the content, comments, attachments, social media messages, task lists, and contributors.

Text editor in projects

Make Unrealistic Deadlines a Thing of the Past

As it stands now, your boss doesn’t have very good visibility into your workload… if any. This lack of visibility means they have no idea how busy you are or what you’re working on every day.

When your boss doesn’t know what you have going on, it’s easy to over-promise things and set unrealistic deadlines.

CoSchedule allows your boss to see exactly what you’re working on so you’re never overextended or underutilized.

Here’s what the CoSchedule calendar view looks like. You’ll see every project, the due date, tasks, social messages… basically everything your marketing team is working on.

CoSchedule Calendar example

Clarify Expectations So You Can Get To Work

CoSchedule serves as the central hub for all your projects so you know exactly WHAT your role is, WHEN your tasks are due, and WHY the project is needed in the first place.

Have you ever had a project dropped on you where you have no idea what the purpose of the project even is?

It makes it awfully hard to deliver awesome graphics or social media messages that are on point if you haven’t the faintest idea of what you’re producing.

This usually results in a time-consuming hunt and a lot of back and forth trying to figure out what is needed from you.

CoSchedule is the place you’ll turn to from now on –

  • No more dropped balls.
  • No more asking yourself, “Wait what?! I didn’t know that task was due yesterday…”
  • No more missing puzzle pieces.

If you’re ready to see CoSchedule more in-depth, check out this guide. It will help you learn your way around the tool so you feel comfortable executing your work.

If you’re a visual learner who would rather learn this in a how-to video, see below.👇

Read lesson 2

About the Author

Leah is the Customer Marketing Lead at CoSchedule. Outside of work, she loves hunting for cool stuff at thrift stores. If not for marketing, Leah would be a psychiatrist, given her fascination with Dateline NBC, true-crime podcasts, and Netflix documentaries about cults.

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