Make Your CoSchedule Calendar Work For You: Tips & Tricks to Help Execute Your Work Quickly

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Make Your CoSchedule Calendar Work For You: Tips & Tricks to Help Execute Your Work Quickly

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Make your CoSchedule calendar work for you

So you’re starting to learn your way around CoSchedule and are looking for some extra tips to help you get in, get out, and accomplish your tasks. This blog post helps you uncover some tricks to help you execute your work faster.

Table of Contents

Marketing Campaigns in CoSchedule

In lesson three, you learned a little about marketing campaigns in CoSchedule. If you need a refresher, here’s how a marketing campaign works in CoSchedule.

A marketing campaign is made up of a series of marketing projects. They usually have a start/end date and work together to promote a single initiative.

Marketing project vs campaign

A good example of a marketing campaign is a new product launch. These campaigns usually contain a series of associated projects like emails, social ads, search ads, blog posts, social messages, maybe even commercials and print materials and run over an extended period of time.

Planning a Marketing Campaign

To start planning a marketing campaign, click the plus sign on a date on your calendar. Then, navigate down to the option that says “Campaign”.

Adding campaign to calendar

On the next screen, you’ll have to enter the name of your campaign and its start and end dates.

Each marketing campaign in CoSchedule will have its own calendar view. This helps visualize when each project will launch and offers a clutter-free, focused view of your marketing campaign.

create button in the top right corner

From the marketing campaign calendar, click the plus sign on a date to continue adding projects to your campaign. You can also click the plus tab on the top to add a project.

Here’s a look at what a marketing campaign might look like in CoSchedule. You’ll see a bunch of marketing projects all working towards promoting the same initiative.

marketing campaign example

Saved Views in CoSchedule

A saved view offers a way to filter your calendar to only see certain projects. Some common saved views that you might have set up on your calendar include:

  • Social messages
  • Blog posts
  • Individual departments
  • Newsletters

To navigate to a saved view, click the saved view option on the breadcrumb menu on the top.

Here’s an example of what a saved view of your social messages would look like:

Social messages

Create a Custom Saved View of All Your Projects

Creating a custom saved view of all your individual projects is one of the most valuable ways to use the feature. This allows you to filter out projects that you’re not involved in so you can focus your own priorities.

Here’s how to do it:

Click the saved view option on the breadcrumb menu. Navigate down to the “Create New Saved View”. Name your saved view. Expand the option that says “Filter Content”. To have this view be private, make sure the box that says “Share view with my team” is unchecked.

Next, add a filter category. Choose the “Team Member” option. Search for your name and choose yourself from the list.

team member

This will give you a filtered view of all your projects, tasks and campaigns. To find your saved view, click on it from the saved view breadcrumb menu.

creator's view

Rescheduling in CoSchedule

One of the best features in CoSchedule is the ability to easily reschedule a project and all its associated tasks, social messages, etc with the drag and drop functionality.

If a due date changes, it no longer takes a thousand clicks is several tools just to move a launch date.

All you have to do is drag and drop the project to a new date and everything will automatically reschedule.

The best part? Everyone’s tasks will also update in their CoSchedule accounts.


If you’re a visual learner who would rather learn this in a how-to video, see below.👇

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About the Author

Leah is the Customer Marketing Lead at CoSchedule. Outside of work, she loves hunting for cool stuff at thrift stores. If not for marketing, Leah would be a psychiatrist, given her fascination with Dateline NBC, true-crime podcasts, and Netflix documentaries about cults.

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