The Most Effective [+ Amazing] Way To Organize Your Marketing Campaigns

The Most Effective + Amazing Way to Organize Your Marketing Campaigns Managing multiple marketing campaigns (all at once) with a dozen moving pieces is tough. And when it’s just you managing those 273 campaigns… Juggling multiple, looming deadlines… Making sure your team is staying on task... And when you repeat this seemingly never-ending cycle (again and again)... ...well...I'm not saying you'll get burned out, but it sure as Helsinki isn't sustainable. Which is why I am excited to tell you about one of our *amazing* features... ...Marketing Campaigns from CoSchedule! With Marketing Campaigns, you can organize your entire marketing campaign in one place, so you can keep projects moving forward... ...not tirelessly track them down!

How To Setup Your First Marketing Campaign

To setup your first Marketing Campaign... ...follow these three easy steps:
  1. Create ONE marketing campaign.
  2. Add every moving piece into your Marketing Campaign.
  3. Focus on execution, moving forward, and meeting deadlines!
How do Marketing Projects Work in CoSchedule? And BAM! You're on your way to becoming the most productive (and organized) marketer ever. ?

Consolidate Everything into a Single Marketing Campaign

Now for the REALLY exciting part: consolidating your content! With Marketing Campaign, you can group multiple pieces of content together (related to a specific campaign) into one centralized folder. It’s a marketer’s dream come true! To begin adding content to your marketing project, click the + sign in either the upper right hand corner of the screen or within a specific date on the calendar. adding-projects As you start adding multiple pieces of content to your project, you'll notice they are also listed in tabs at the top of the page. So instead of combing through your calendar to find a specific piece of content, you can easily access them within your project. Screenshot 2017-05-15 11.39.15 Once you are finished adding all associated content to your project, hit the Close Project button in the lower right corner. (This will stop adding pieces of content to the marketing project.) Now you will see your marketing project folder on the main calendar (!!!)... ...and all associated content within your specified beginning and end dates (noted by the bar that is the same color as your marketing project). Plus,  when you hover over your marketing project on the main calendar, the folder and all associated content are highlighted––giving you a quick and easy way to view content and deadlines. hover Want to add some stand-alone content to a Marketing Project? No problem! Find and open your content, click on the folder in the bottom left corner, select Add to Project, and search for your project name. addtofolder ^^Yep, it’s that easy! With Marketing Campaigns from CoSchedule, you are able to consolidate every piece of your campaign into a single project. So you can focus on execution... ...instead of wasting time continuously tracking all of your content. (And that's awesome!) popkey-pam the target lady

Maximize Your Team’s Resources from One Centralized Location

With Marketing Campaigns maximizing your team's resources just got wayyyyy easier. Ramp up on projects faster... ...quickly add every piece of content involved in your marketing campaign in one place... Accurately gauge timelines and easily review all projects on the main calendar... ...AND instantly know who's working on what from the calendar. *fist pump* Easily see every team member involved Which means it's easy to manage your team’s time AND set realistic goals. Talk about a MAJOR productivity #win for you... ...and your team. popkey-amy-poehl

Ramp up projects faster, accurately gauge timelines, and know who’s working on what –– at any given moment.

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[Proactively] Plan Your Entire Marketing Roadmap

As a marketer, you've got a lot on your plate. And not in the good - unlimited taco buffet - kind of way. Remember the last time you had it all together? It was so much easier to focus and be proactive. But when you feel out of control...’s stressful. (Ultimately making you feel more disorganized and distracted.) ? But with Marketing Campaigns, you get a visual timeline of every project on the calendar, so you can effectively plan out days, weeks, and months in advance without overbooking your team. See Multiple Projects at Once And if you have a TON of projects + content on the calendar (so it's hard to grasp what's actually happening)... can easily set up a few Saved Calendar Views to quickly find what you need. *whoop-whoop!* It’s never been so easy to manage a marketing campaign... (or multiple, because let’s be realistic here, there's never just ONE) ...and keep your team’s head above water in the process. Proactive planning, here we come! popkey-dance-cel

Monitor Your Progress + Make Adjustments Faster.

Managing huge projects is an art form... AND staying on top of all those deadlines can get tricky. Real tricky. But with Marketing Campaigns, you can view your team’s overall progress and quickly make adjustments, so you never miss a deadline. Yeah, you heard that right. We’re talkin’ graphs, bars, and project burn charts! ProdBlog-Emma-MarketingProjects-burn-chart ^^^#nerdlife #graphs The burn chart is a useful snapshot of the ratio of completed versus incomplete tasks, while the progress bar is a simple way to see how your marketing campaign is moving along. The ability to monitor your campaign’s progress is especially awesome when you need to make quick decisions. For instance, if you need to add or remove pieces of content within your marketing campaign due to a delay... ...use those handy little content tabs within your project to modify items as needed! adding-projects It’s the real world (and things come up) so the ability to make quick adjustments is important to any campaign’s success. Monitor your team’s overall progress, make game time decisions... ...and never miss a deadline with Marketing Campaigns. #BOOM

Easily see your team’s overall progress and quickly make adjustments, so you never miss a deadline.

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Managing a dozen and a half marketing campaigns can be... ...chaotic (to say the least). But once you jump aboard the Marketing Campaigns train (toot-toot) and let CoSchedule do the heavy lifting, you’ll be able to:
  • Consolidate everything into a single marketing project, so you can focus on executing on those pieces, NOT continuously tracking them down.
  • Maximize your team’s resources from one centralized location. Ramp up on projects faster with all your moving pieces in one project, accurately gauge timelines, and know who’s working on what –– at any given moment.
  • Proactively plan your ENTIRE roadmap. Get a visual timeline of every project on the calendar, so you can effectively plan out days, weeks, and months in advance (without overbooking your team).
  • Monitor your team’s progress + make adjustments faster. Managing huge projects is an art form AND staying on top of all those deadlines can get tricky. With Marketing Campaigns, you can quickly see your team’s overall progress and quickly make adjustments, so you never miss a deadline.
Basically what I am saying is, YOU NEED THIS. WE ALL NEED THIS. It’s going to make organizing your next marketing campaigns easy as pie. You’re going to wonder how you ever lived without this feature... But luckily... you don't have to. :) This post was originally published on March 7th, 2017. It was most recently updated on Aug. 8, 2017.
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