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Social Campaigns: Simplify Your Social Promotion [New Feature]


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New Feature: Social Campaigns Simplify Your Social Promotion

Every marketer knows a solid social plan for events, contests, or [Insert Your Big Deal Here] is muy importante! Yet with so many team members involved and social messages all over your editorial calendar, keeping track of the details isn’t always easy.

Well, what if you could streamline that haphazard process?

Enter your new secret weapon: Social Campaigns in CoSchedule!


Create Your First Social Campaign Today!

With the new Social Campaigns feature, you can keep all your campaign assets organized in one place. Schedule, create, and edit all your social messages in one Social Campaign and use built-in approval-based workflows to collaborate with your team and easily stay on track.

How Does The Social Campaigns Feature Work?

Schedule Everything In One Place

Create all your messages in one Social Campaign. Focus your efforts on quality messaging, and stop wasting time scouring your calendar for every social message related to your specific campaign!

With the Social Campaigns feature, you can create stand-alone campaigns for any kind of event, contest, content, or promotion! Name your campaign, add a color label for easy filtering, and upload your favorite reusable Social Template*.


From there, create your unique messaging and apply messages to the template. Set a start date and time, and then let it roll! CoSchedule will take care of publishing your messages at the most optimal times based on social platforms and best practices.

Get A Bird’s Eye View

Easily find all messages associated with a specific Social Campaign. No more sifting, searching, or hand counting your social posts for a single campaign.


Quickly review all your messages within one Social Campaign. Make edits, add messages, and share the entire schedule with your team. Long gone are the days of taking screenshots of EVERY message to email back and forth, or endlessly scrolling through the calendar to compile your makeshift social campaign in a spreadsheet or Google Doc.

Stop The Tedious Busywork!

Eliminate the task of scheduling social messages one at a time. Use Social Campaigns to quickly create dozens of social messages in one place.

Just upload your favorite reusable Social Template*, add social helpers to create variety in your messaging, and then apply the template! It’s that easy.


Simplify The Process With Approval-Based Workflows


Develop an approval-based workflow for your campaign and easily collaborate with your team. Quickly approve, deny, or add feedback within your campaign’s task template.

Keep all your conversations, documents, and images in one Social Campaign for easy access and review. And most importantly, know the status report of your campaign at any moment.

Streamline your entire campaign planning and execution process in one place! Create your first Social Campaign in CoSchedule today.


* Social Templates are available on all Marketing and Automation calendars. Want to learn how to schedule 65+ messages in 5 minutes or less? Keep reading!

"CoSchedule has allowed us to plan and stay ahead 8-12 weeks. It's the best thing we've done to get ahead of ourselves; especially with so many last minute projects popping up."

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