Share Your Social Calendar With Stakeholders
Getting Started Guide: Social Calendar

Share Your Social Calendar With Stakeholders

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Keep Everyone Updated

Social Calendar is best for keeping everyone updated & in the know about what marketing is working on. That includes your team and stakeholders. What’s the difference? Users are the team members you just invited to your Social Calendar. They are usually on your marketing team and need to execute their work by accessing their projects, tasks, and social messages directly in Social Calendar. Stakeholders don’t need to use Social Calendar to execute their daily work but could benefit from being in-the-know about what marketing is working on. These are usually managers, CEOs, or members of other departments within your organization like the sales team. Rather than inviting these individuals to be a “user” in Social Calendar, you can use Read-Only Views to share projects, campaigns, dashboards, and calendars with stakeholders — as well as clients and other team members who don’t have access to Social Calendar.

Create A Read-Only Link

To share a read-only version of your entire calendar or a filtered Calendar View:
  1. Click into the specific calendar view you want to share by selecting it from the calendar view dropdown list.
  2. Click the share button in the top left-hand side of the calendar. screenshot of read only sharing in marketing calendar
  3. Click the link button or Copy next to the link to copy the URL. To download a PDF, click Download PDF. read only link and pdf download options in marketing calendar
  4. Send the link or downloaded PDF attachment to anyone who needs to see the calendar.
If you make a change to the Calendar View, the change will also be reflected in the shared link. Check out the Read-Only Views Power Tip to learn more about how real teams use read-only views.

Create A Custom Calendar You Can Share

Sometimes stakeholders don’t need to know everything your team is doing. If you need a specialized view for someone in the company, you can create and share a filtered view of the calendar that contains only relevant projects – like only social media messages or blog posts. Here’s an example of how to create a blog post Calendar View.
  1. Click the Calendar View dropdown menu and select + New Calendar View.
  2. Name your new Calendar View “Blog Posts” and click Filter to select Blog Post from the list.
  3. Click Done to save this new view. ​​
marketing view in calendar To access this view, click “Blog Post” from the Calendar View drop-down. blog post view in marketing calendar To share this view with a stakeholder, click the share icon to copy the link or download the PDF. share with stakeholder in marketing calendar