Scale Your Marketing Strategy With Mia, Your Marketing Intelligence Assistant
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Scale Your Marketing Strategy With Mia, Your Marketing Intelligence Assistant

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Meet Mia, Your AI-Powered Marketing Intelligence Assistant

CoSchedule Marketing Calendar helps you plan, create, publish, & execute your marketing projects. This chapter shows you how to transform your content creation process & workflows using Mia, CoSchedule’s AI-powered Marketing Intelligence Assistant. What is this guide?  This lesson will show you how to utilize Mia to generate new ideas, create first-draft copy, & transform your content workflows. Who is this guide for?  Marketers who are wearing many hats and are struggling to formalize a marketing process as their responsibilities grow.

Add Mia To Projects To Scale Your Content Output

To access Mia, your AI-powered Marketing Intelligence Assistant, add the “Marketing Assistant” attachment to any project on your Calendar. Once you’ve added the attachment, you can start chatting with Mia. Mia includes some suggested prompts to help you get started. But you can ask Mia any marketing-related question. Whether you’re already using AI tools or just starting out, Mia will become an invaluable sidekick in streamlining your marketing efforts and saving you time on content creation, ideation, & more! Ready to learn how to leverage the power of Mia? Let’s dive in!

Instantly Generate New Project Ideas

One of the most popular ways marketers use AI is for idea generation. Mia is here to help you come up with new ideas for your next blog post, marketing project, or social campaign. All you have to do is ask her! To get started with ideation, ask Mia questions like:
  • Come up with 10 blog post ideas about [insert topic]
  • Come up with 10 project ideas you’d include in a product launch campaign.
  • What marketing tactics should I leverage to reach my target audience? My target audience is [insert audience details]
  • What are some effective strategies for lead generation?
  • Can you suggest some ideas for email marketing campaigns to increase conversions?
  • What are some ways I can optimize our website for better search engine visibility?
  • What are some trends in my industry? [Add industry]
  • What are some keywords [target audience] is interested in?
  • And more!
Here’s a list of 200+ prompts to get inspired.   Start a chat with Mia using any of these prompts (or come up with your own) to generate fresh and engaging ideas for your marketing projects.

Write First-Draft Content In Seconds

The hardest part with writing content is usually getting started. Mia can help you write a first-draft copy in seconds. In fact, Mia even helped write the first-draft of this guide chapter. As the marketer on the project, you’ll need to provide Mia with the strategic direction to get it started. Give Mia a brief, outline, and/or key points that you want to cover, and she can create a first-draft for you in just a few seconds. The more direction you give Mia, the better the results. Some helpful details you could provide Mia could include:

Target Audience

Specify the audience for your content. This could include demographic information, interests, & pain points. This can help Mia understand who you’re writing content for and tailor the tone & language accordingly.

Key Message Or Objective

Clearly outline the main message or objective of the content. Whether it’s to inform, persuade, educate, or entertain (to name a few), providing this information will help Mia focus on the desired goal of the content.

Desired Format Or Structure

Specify the format or structure of the content, such as a blog post, social message, or email. You can provide specific guidelines or requirements for the content including word count, headings, bullets, etc.

Project Specific Details

Add key points or information that needs to be included in the content. This could be information like  relevant data, stats, examples, product details, promotion timelines, or event details.

SEO Keywords

If you are creating content for SEO, you can let Mia know which keyword(s) or keyword phrases are important to you. This can help Mia optimize the content for better search visibility.

Brand Voice Or Style

Give Mia details about your brand voice & style. This can include tone, language, or any specific words or phrases you want to add or avoid. None of these suggested details are required when chatting with Mia, but they can impact the quality of your first-draft. You can continue to provide additional Mia direction in the chat if her first version isn’t strong enough. Once Mia writes your first-draft, you can focus your energy on the most important part - reviewing, editing, & perfecting the content for your final draft.

Archive Chats For Your Team And Records

Chats with Mia are archived in each project. Anyone on your team can reference, review, and join chats with Mia. This makes it easy for your team to collaborate on projects together with the help of Mia. For example, maybe the lead writer creates the blog post first-draft using Mia. Then they ask Mia to help generate some headline ideas for their blog post. But another team member is responsible for writing the social messages to promote the post. Mia remembers the earlier conversations, so your social media strategist can easily get a first-draft of social messages by continuing the initial conversation.

Convert Responses To A Text Editor

Best of all, you can easily convert any of Mia’s responses into a Text Editor with a click. This means you can easily jump into editing any of Mia’s responses without leaving your project. Or you can copy the response and paste it into an attached Google Doc, Microsoft Doc, or wherever you draft and edit copy. Once you convert your response to a Text Editor, you can focus on editing, reviewing, and perfecting Mia’s draft to match your brand voice & standards before you publish your new content.

Generate New Social Messages With A Single Click

Wish you had some help writing social messages? Want to break-through writer's block? Try using AI Social Assistant. AI Social Assistant writes social messages for you, so you can focus more time on strategy and less time writing copy. All you have to do is choose your social profile and click "Social Assistant" to get started. Then chat with Mia or use a pre-built prompt to generate a social message copy in seconds. Not sure what details to provide to write better messages? Here are a few prompts you can try to get started:
  • Give Mia event details, such as time, date, location, and description to write messages to promote your event
  • Create [number] social messages about [topic]
  • Write [number] Instagram social messages to promote my [product, service or offer]
  • Write 5 different social messages promoting this blog post [link]
  • Write a few different social messages promoting [topic] specific to [Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn]
  • Write a social message to announce [product, enhancement, service, event]
See a message you like? Click to add it to your composer & schedule it! And best of all, every message meets best practices for specific social networks, so you can maximize engagement. Let CoSchedule's AI Social Assistant instantly draft social messages for you, so you can focus on strategy instead of writing copy. Try out CoSchedule's AI Social Assistant to write messages in an instant while maximizing your engagement!

Use Over 500+ Marketer-Tested AI Prompt Templates To Jumpstart Your Next Project

New to AI? CoSchedule’s AI Prompt Library includes over 500 marketing prompts to help you create high-quality content in less time. Every prompt in the library has been tried and tested by professional marketers, so you can produce more actionable responses.

Explore Templates For Every Stage Of Your Creative Process

CoSchedule’s AI Prompt Library includes templates to generate ideas, outlines, first-draft copy, social messages, ad copy, and so much more! Want to write a blog post? Try: Want to write an email? Try:   Want help researching and ideating? Try:

Customize Prompts With Natural Language Templates

Once you choose a prompt, add key details and direction to the prompt to generate better results. Each prompt features a mad-lib style template, so you can easily personalize prompts to work for you. Pro Tip: Remember, you set the strategy for your prompt. Give Mia additional details to provide more context to your prompt. This could include things like: 
  • Target audience details
  • Voice or tone suggestions
  • Goal of your project 
  • Product or service talking points 
  • Event details - date, time, location, etc. 
  • CTA recommendations 
  • And so much more!

Favorite And Create Custom Prompts For Your Specific Needs

Have specific prompts you love? You can favorite prompts to quickly find them for later use. Or create custom prompts to include specific brand or company details for quicker, stronger results. Customization ideas include: 
  • Company boilerplate for Press Release templates 
  • Target audience details
  • Brand voice & tone direction
  • Popular hashtags for your industry
  • And more!
Ready to start using CoSchedule’s AI Prompt Library?  Simply add a Project to your Calendar & open AI Project Assistant to access the AI Prompt Library. 

Find Sources And Get Real-Time Results With Web Access

Mia can access the internet to help you speed up research, summarize online content, and more. Here are a few prompts & ideas to try out: 

Ask Mia To Help With Research 

  • Find the latest surveys around {topic}. Include links to sources.  
  • List the main ideas from this blog post {link}.
  • Find new stats about {topic} to add to a blog post for {target audience}. Provide the sources in the results. 
  • Compare {topic/product/company} and {topic/product/company}. 

Ask Mia To Summarize Content 

  • Write a summary of this blog post {link}.
  • Summarize the ideas in the top 5 blog posts around the keyword {keyword}.
  • Compare and summarize the differences between {product/company 1} and {product/company 2}

Ask Mia To Repurpose Content

  • Repurpose this blog post as a newsletter {link}.
  • Write social messages for this blog post {link}.
  • Create 5 Facebook ad copy options to promote this product page {link}. 

Ask Mia To Help With SEO 

  • Find content gaps in this article {link}. It targets the keyword {keyword}.
  • Create a table of the top competitors for {topic} and the URLs to these sites. 
  • Create a list of 5 SEO keywords related to the following blog post {link}.
  • Write 10 SEO keywords related to {topic}.
Gather information & resources you might need without leaving your calendar.